Summer Vacation | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP6 Review

Time to talk about episode six. As this was a episode that was more of a fleshing out the side characters episode. As we learn a little more about all of them. While also getting some backstory on Katarina and her friend. So let’s talk about it.

Episode 6

Summer Vacation

At this point I already accepted Katarina’s stupidity. So I am here just to see who wins. But, I like the conversations between the other characters. Seeing how all of them fight to win Katarina is funny. Also I love Mary in this episode. Unlike Sophia and Maria, she is 100% gay for her. While really aiming to win her heart this episode. I liked it along with all of the attics this episode.

Gotta Catch Em All

Well who knew that there was a hidden route. Leading to a character that could be an end game. As I really thought that he was gonna be an antagonist. But, that theory ended shortly. But, him being the hardest route to conquer is gonna be interesting. But also I enjoyed seeing some of Katarina’s past. As she was the opposite of her character now. With her friend that conquered the game being (who I believe will appear in the game).

Bakarina Bowl

This is a new segment that I am gonna add. As I feel like the ships are getting to be betting poles at this point. (Even though we all know that it is gonna end in harem). So here is who I am rooting for.

1st: Nicole – She clearly is the only one that she lust after. As everyone else she sees as future lovers for Maria. Also having the backing of his sister is a good push for number one.

2nd: Mary – She clearly has put in the work over these years. To hold down Alan and realize his feelings. She is my favorite one that really can be a yuri Ship.

3rd: Gerald– Never count out the first heroine. As they always win normally. Also he does have the fiancee title with him. So that is a strong case.

4th: Sirius – Someone that was not even a player until this episode. But, now can possibly be number one.

5th: Maria – She is the main character for a reason. Also she has Katarina’s stomach which is a way to her heart.

Final Thoughts

Enjoyed the episode. Now that we are at the halfway point I think the next goal is to conquer the president. But, who knows. The whole show might pull a Medaka’s Box and change everything. So I can’t wait to see what happens next. Until then, br great my A&M people.

Mom can’t even compliant Katarina

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