Iroha and Hachiman | Oregairu Discussion

Iroha and her relationship with Hachima that was developed in the second season was really unique. As seeing how they developed and what became of their relationship in the series was amazing writing and care put into her character. As this is clearly one of the relationships that will not end in a relationship to me in the end. I wanted to talk about my viewpoint of the two characters’ relationship. While also just Iroha in general. 


She is one of my favorite characters in this series. As she was inserted into season two and I didn’t expect her to shine the way that she did. As we got introduced to her I thought that she was gonna be just another task. Instead of that we got a well written character. As she is a person that is really hard to describe, as she is popular, but she is different. As she also has two sides to her as most people in society. Seeing her inner side with Hachiman is beautiful to me.  

Dynamic With Hachiman

The relationship that developed between the two as the story progressed. With the back and forth banter between them. Seeing him carry her groceries every time. Before going to the meetings. Specifically the scene when they quietly walked together and she said her stuff way light today. But, as they walked to the student council room he slowly picked it up out of her hand. 

Other times when there’s a hint of misunderstanding in the series. Iroha would straight up reject him. But, the rejection would get lighter and lighter every time. Which I really would like to see these two in another world where she is the main heroine. I would like to see her one day just not reject him.

I loved their date in the OVA/EP14 of season 2. Just seeing them do that made me smile. Even making Yui and Yukino a little jealous while doing that. I love that whole episode from beginning to end. She was trying to have a “date course”. While this man was just trying to chill all episode. 


She will not end up with Hachiman sadly. As I feel like she is backing off knowing that either Yui or/and Yukino likes him also. So I feel like she was considerate of her feelings for them. Also I feel like she would not do that after confessing to Hayama (Who is a whole other bag of worms). I just feel like she will find someone with her attitude. But, I truly feel as if Hachiman was the perfect guy for her.

Hachiman Quote

“Girls are made from sugar and spice, and of something nice. Though I get the feeling that Isshiki has a bit too much spice in her. No matter how much sugar you mix in, jalapenos are still jalapenos. It won’t complete without something nice” – Hachiman

My interpretation of this is that she is not good girl for him. Due to his negative attitude and her true side. So she deserves someone nice or opposite of her like a Yui that will complete her. This OVA cancels out any chance of them being together. But, I was happy to see what I got from them.

Final Thoughts

Well why am I doing this to myself. I don’t know. I just really felt like talking about Iroha as she is a really good character that I hope is happy in the future. As I really felt for her scene when confessing to Hayama. 

I might have to talk about Yui Next Damn.

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