The Zhou Invasion Arc Conclusion | Kingdom Manga Chapter 640 & 641 Review

I have been meaning to do the review for these two chapters for a while. I have just been procrastinating to do it. But, now we can talk about the conclusion of the longest arc of kingdom. That has been going on for almost 200 chapters. So let’s talk about the amazing final two chapters of the Zhou invasion arc.

640: Nation’s Keystone

Chu and Karin

It is good to see the final villains of Kingdom. As Karin is relaxing on that chair. Analysing the battlefield with her with her witz. Which is something that I can’t wait to see against Ousen maybe. As it is gonna be amazing. As the final battle is soon to come.

Shin and Kyoukai

I just love to see any interaction with them. With one of the lieutenant casually avoiding it. I love to read about their interactions. Seeing Shin and Kyoukai talk about what happened in those chapters. I just wish we got more hopefully in the future.

Zhou’s Ultimate Defeat

Yeah after this scene. Seeing emotion for the first time out of this man’s face. I felt that man. It truly shows now matter how great an army can be. If it is led by a fool. It will always lose.

641: A Pressing Issue


It really was a celebration to be. A lot of things had happened. It is good to see the conclusion and the Hi Shin Unit return home. It was funny to see the old man trying to propose to Ten. Then a little somber with the mention of Shousa.

Party At Shin’s New House

I like comedy. As I really thought for a second that this man Shin was still living at a wooden shack. But, to see how much this man has grown. This is a real start from the bottom now we here.

Ri Shin

I love this scene. As it is the birth of the greatest name that will forever be edged in history. Seeing that it represented Pou and even a little bit of Ri boku. It is one of those names that I will never forget. This is a title that is beautiful and I love the new name of our goat.


These were amazing chapters and I am happy that I finally got to speak about it. As they were really that amazing of chapters. I feel like the main reason I put off doing this is because it is on hiatus. So I had a little bit of freedom to postpone it. But, now that we are in a new era I am gonna take care and make sure a new chapter comes out every week.

Bruh this arc started on chapter 498 in 2016.

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