Is it Good? | Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Ep. 1-6 Discussion

Well this is an anime that did more than trip from its introduction episode. As it had poor writing at times, horrid animation, along with some very bland characters. So why am I talking about this. To be honest I don’t even know myself. As I am caught up to this anime shockingly enough. So I just wanted to talk about the positives I can take from this series. As all I see from it is negative.


This is gonna be the only picture from the light kingdom in my whole post. Just to show how much I don’t care for their characters.

I will be honest I inorged the entire light kingdom portion of the anime. As I was constantly on my phone during the light half of the episodes. Waiting to go back to Prince. As to me it’s soul purpose was to develop the three sides characters of the light kingdom along with Iris. But, really I learned everything that I wanted to from the light kingdom characters in episode one. But, the characters of dark kingdom was something that really interested me.

As the dark main character, Prince (As I just realize that we have not gotten this man’s name once) is edgy as hell. His whole village died in front of him and was then given a literal plot device to become a king candidate to the land of darkness. Seeing him come up was kinda enjoyable. But, I didn’t really enjoy this series fully until episode 4.


I am halfway writing this blog post and I finally figured out the reason I am still watching this. As I am so invested in the love story between the light queen and the future dark king. As it gives me the classical Romeo and Juliet vibes. As you can tell from the opening and ending that they are gonna end up together. So you are just looking at the steps of how they end up together. While also seeing how Prince became the Dark King.

So halfway into this story. I got invested into how the story got to the end goal. Other than how the story itself. Also the political aspect of this world of uniting two fighting sides(another aspect I love in medium) is something that got me hooked.. So yeah that is the reason that I like this story so much.

Is it a Good Anime?

HELL NO!!! But, I enjoy it and will finish this. As to me it feels like the Arifureta of this season. But, not as hyped up as it was.

Final Thoughts

Well if you haven’t realized the main reason I wrote this is to find out why I am still watching this anime. Well I realize now. I will probably finish this series no matter how it ends. So yeah, I just wanted to talk about this anime that no one is talking about. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Best Girl

3 thoughts on “Is it Good? | Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Ep. 1-6 Discussion

  1. Hahahaha! This is my least favourite series of the season and by least favourite, I mean worst. It is just a complete train wreck, but at least we have Lady Groza to keep us entertained.

    There’s just so much wrong with this it’s hard to pin point exactly what it’s doing wrong. It seems to rush through all and any development and then spends an entire episode showing us how dark and light can get along by mixing their food together…

    Can I just mention the scene with Lady Groza’s guards rowing on the floating boat? Seriously, what is this show???

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    1. The mixing of the food scene had me dying. I really didn’t get the point of that scene along with the whole of episode 6. I feel like this is just for them to say they can have peace. But, they could have done a lot more then just have this filler.

      Also even thought the only reason I am still watching this is for the romance of the two main characters. Gonza is best girl for reason.

      The boat scene with the guards. First off that was stupid. Second I feel like they need time to fill for that episode. So they just said lets BS with some guard dialogue.

      This show is bad by all degrees. But, it has a romance that I am invested in. So 6 more episodes of trash to go.

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      1. Yeah, I don’t see how it can get any worse, but I guess we’re going to find out. Wonder if we’ll ever find out what the Prince of Darkness’ name is or maybe they forgot to give him one!


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