The 6th Revealed | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 17 Review

You know what. I have to give the author props. Cause I did not think it would turn into this. Like if you told me before this arc that Hakari’s mother would be the 6th girlfriend. I would have said that you are on crack. As this was just two greatness of a chapter. So let’s talk about it.

Chapter 17

Karane and Rentauro Wall Climbing & Hakari

I just have to appreciate my favorite couple. Doing what they do. Karane is the best Tsundere for a reason.  Also seeing the internal Struggle of Hakari was amazing to me. As it really made me love her character more.

Hahari’s Past

You know this is really interesting. As is it possible that Hahari’s former love was not her soulmate. Giving the reason for his death. That to me was really interesting. As did she truly love him. Or was it one sided love. But, it was the man that ended up with a tragic death and not the mother. Who is really young I might have. As she had Hariki at 13. Also did they really have to make Hahari a technical virgin.

The 6th: Hanazono Hahari 

Depending how this arc completes. I might have to give Rentauro the Harem King Crown already. Also I have to give props to the writer for once again breaking harem tropes. As I have seen this type of arc all the time. But, to bring a conclusion like this. Making Hahari the sixth. I love it.

Final Thoughts 

I like the addition of someone outside of school for Rentauro. As I really wonder how this is gonna work now. I can’t wait to see the moves that either of two make in the next chapter. As I am calling it now. She is gonna clear out the room in the next chapter. Until then thank Jaimini’s box for giving us this chapter and be great my A&M people.

One way or another Hakari is calling Rentauro Daddy.

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