Election Arc Conclusion | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP6 Review

Time to talk about this election arc greatness. As we get the backstory of Miko. We get some more of Kaguya’s amazing voice acting. We also get the result of the student council president. So let’s talk about the 6th episode of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. 

Episode 6


I am gonna be real as f*ck right now. Miko is my favorite character right now. Like I relate to her so heavy now. Also that backstory just hit me differently. Like I really felt for her during that as I kinda grew up the same way. Just not as rich as her. Also seeing her smile really warmed my heart. She to me is my best girl right now. But, let’s be honest, every girl is best girl in this series. 

I am happy that she is basically assured the next president after her back and forth with Shirogane. As Miko is basically gonna get groomed as the next president. Having a close margin unlike all of her previous elections. Man she is amazing and I love her character. 


You know Ishigami had a lot of development this episode. As I am really interested in his relationship with Miko or Kobachi. I feel like they have a deeper past than letting on. I want that backstory on them soon.

Kaguya And Hayasaka

I love the relationship between these two. As Hayaska really cares for Kaguya. While also seeing all of the work that Kaguya did in this arc. I love this hug between them representing the care that they have for one another and towards the goal. They have that amazing sister bond for one another. Like they are really family and family once in a while just needs to yeet one another for love. 

Also I love that Hayasaka has an app that is linked to Kaguya’s heart or brain. That is something that I enjoy as it looks like she cares to a HIGH(yandere) degree of her. Also she disappeared like batman which was just cool and adds to her greatness. Also I say this every time but Kaguya’s voice actor is the GOAT.

Kaguya’s VP Plus Win

I love this moment of Shirogane asking her to be her VP. Basically the result of all the work that she put in this arc. Was for that one goal to get closer to him. Which it did prove in this scene.

The New Student Council

From the work that they put in this arc. To complete domination (Until Shirogone battled Miko) they had in the speech portion. They are up there in the top student councils in the anime period. As when they get serious, they really work hard. Now they are even more powerful(and funnier) with the addition of Miko as general affairs.

Final Thoughts

Dude I want the new episode now. How is every episode better than the last. We have not had a single bad episode this whole season. Like everyone was just amazing. As this season to me is a masterpiece of humor and romance. Thanks to the people reading this as I am honored to talk about this greatness. Until next time be great my A&M people. 

Bruh she didn’t have to yeet her like that

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