SHOCKER!!! | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP7 Review

Well we got a lot of revelations this episode. As the crew goes into a death dungeon. That you can easily die in an exam. Katarina has become one of my most hated characters this season. But, before all of that we got to talk about the huge shock of the season. 

Episode 7


I took a pause at 6:15 as I probably watched the best 6 minutes in the whole anime. I really felt for her friend and now the whole anime is flipped on its head to me. As I really don’t know how to react to this right now. As Shopia is really her best friend. No wonder she was trying to make Nicole fall for her. This is crazy right now man.


Well this dungeon for the exam. I just have to say that this really will kill you unless you have plot armor. But, I enjoyed the back and forth between Gerald and Keith as they are always passive aggressive with each other. I was shocked to see that Maria and Mary nearly died.

 I also gotta give this man Alan his props as she. As he really is gonna be a good fiance to her one day. With the save for Mary. I feel like at the end these two will be with one another. So I am happy that they are getting development in their relationship.

Now after they saved Katarina. Sophia and Kat get saved by a wind magic user. Who is clearly the Red Prez (Forgot Name). But, then darkness is behind Katarina. But, who’s magic is that. Also did Maria see it? Final thoughts are how hard is the Red Prez to conquer?

Katarina Is the most stupid Character in Anime

I really have been holding back for a while now. Like I had tossed jabs at her characters. But, no more man. You cannot have Katarina be this stupid. Like remember when she said she was gonna study magic so she can raise her power. But, all she can do is an earth bump. I am pretty sure that the original Katarina can do a lot more. There are moments that you can be stupid about love. But, at this point she is being r*****. Like how the F*CK are you this stupid. 

WHO THE F*CK AFTER BEING TOLD YOU ARE ENTERING A DEATHTRAP DUNGEON WITH TRAPS EVERYWHERE. Decide oh look at the button on the ground… LET ME F*CKING PUSH IT. B*TCH you are not this dumb!!! Girl, you have joined mount rushmore with Rito for being one of my most hated characters in fiction. I’m done.

Final Thoughts

Well this episode was solid. The first 6 minutes hooked me. But, Katarina made me hate it. So I can’t really say that this was a good or bad episode. But, I did enjoy it. So until next time, be great my A&M people. 

She really is forming a cult.

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