INSANITY!!! | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 18 Review

You know this chapter was really unexpected. As I will just say that after this Rentarou is up there in the harem protagonist hierarchy with Keima (The World God Only Knows), and Arata Kasuga (Trinity Seven) as he is making his statement for the crown. But, lets talk about this amazing chapter of 100 Kanojo.

Chapter 18: The Lie Detecting Witch Trial Review

The 6th: Hanazono Hahari

1 Page Confession

I have to say that in my head the week before. I had a whole bunch of scenarios in my head of how this chapter was gonna play out. But, if you told me that it was gonna be like this. I would not believe you at all. As this moment had me rolling. Like she really didn’t care. She when she sees someone that she loves she will go all in. Giving no Fs whatsoever.

Then seeing Rentarou blushing and Karane going insane. With all of her panels being golden this chapter. I could hold in my laughter back at all for this chapter. As this was a masterpiece. Also seeing her go back to her composer say it was a mom joke. Bruh.

Lie Detector

Out of all the questions you ask this man. The authors were just f*cking with us at this point. Also Karane is a solid B cup fight me! But, I love the love question dropping the title a couple of times. As it proves you don’t love someone unless you do times 5.

Seeing Rentarou near died when it said that Karane was lying. That had me dying. But, it proved that he truly loves all the girls equally and with passion. As Rentarou is that much of an amazingly honest character that is the perfect harem protagonist. Also the mom is an amazing addition to the cast already.


I am just gonna praise Rentauro right here. Even though we got left on a cliffhanger(literally). This man just comes in with that CHAD energy and is here to take back the first. Or crazier enough he might jump with her, with the help of 4 girls on the bottom floor (one with drugs). Who knows. Man I am made that we gotta wait til June 4th for the next chapter.

Final Thoughts

This was a really good chapter. From the beginning to end I was entertained. Karane keeps laying down why she is my favorite in this whole series. I love the emotional moments along with the comedy as they are blending it really well in this series. Thanks for reading and shouting out to the GOATs of Jaimini’s box for giving us this chapter. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Karane is Best Girl. It is not opinion but Fact. (This moment really hit me)

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