DON’T BE A CHIKA | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP7 Review

How you start the episode with a history lesson in panties. This episode was just on crack and a lot happened. From Miko’s introduction, to Chika being taped up, to this whole episode changing it genre and art style. This episode was like a classic Gintama filler episode to me. So let’s talk about it.

Episode 7


The episode starts off with a history lesson in panties. To then have us have the classic walk in on a girl changing scene. But, it is not a girl, it is actually Ishigami? The way that they played off this scene was so unexpected that I took a pause for a moment. Also just seeing the role reverse was just uncanny to me.

Kaguya Is A Pervert

Every episode I question how obsessed Kaguya is with the president. Like I can understand that she wants to check to see if he is a man whore. (Which Chika literally gave her the google search definition of) After the Ishigami accident. But, the way she casually asked him. Then he did that thing where he was answering the question without realizing. I really enjoyed this moment.

Poor Miko

All three times Miko came. She walked in some of the worst situations possible. Like the first one with the panties. Saying she doesn’t have black ones.(taking that for note). Then walking in Kaguya giving Shirogone a massage. Then having Kaguya walk up to her asking to join in. Finally seeing Chika getting taped up. She is just having a little bit of a rough introduction. But, I love it.

Whole New Series

I noticed the anime ended early. Then I was like why do we have so much extra time. After listening to the ED. We get a whole new series. With whole new animation. I guess all those manga everyone read. Changed the whole animation. (Thank Kei). This whole thing was amazing. As Chika was the only one that was normal. While everyone else was trying to adjust to their new world.

Final Thoughts

This was just an amazing episode throughout the whole thing. I love the references like Shirogane boxing. I love that Kei got a little room to shine. I love that this episode we got to relax with the cast and just be goofy. I can’t wait for the next one. So until next time be great my A&M people.

Lesson of The Day: Don’t Be a Chika and Spoil everything

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