Book Of Desires | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP8 Review

Well let’s talk about Mary getting destroyed mentally for a whole episode. Along with some just horrible character writing to me. Also who I think is the endgame at this point. So let’s talk about episode 8 of Bakarina. 

Episode 8 

Poor Mary

Bruh Mary was getting cucked during the whole episode. Imagine having to see all of your friends’ desires for the girl you love being the girl you love. While also having to see Sophia with the wall slam. Gotta give her props to that. Gerodo takes Katarina to his room and basically says we are going all night long. We see Nicole’s desire (Imma talk about that in a minute). Then just her seeing Alan playing the piano Mary slams the book immediately. Just seeing her read the book that everyone was trapped in was comedic.

This show ruined Nicole Character

A man that cares deeply for his sister to the point of forbidden love. That I thought deeply cared about Katarina as her sister’s first friend. I didn’t think that he had feelings for her yet. So I thought that we would have proper build up to it. But, they threw that out the window. While then having Alan take the spotlight this episode. Which ruined my favorite character in the show which was Nicole. 

Maria Is Endgame

Alan is right now at the top of the Bakarina blow in my head. But, at this point it is clear to me that Maria is the main heroine. As she is one that didn’t get into the book. So we didn’t get to see her true desires. The way that this episode was set up was to prepare for a Mary and Alan arc. So I guess that is the final arc in the show. 

Final Thoughts

I am gonna be honest I didn’t want to watch this episode. As I really wanted to drop the show last week and again this week. But, I am here cause I really want to see how it concludes and who wins. But, this episode basically ruined one of my favorite characters in the show. So I will just say 8 episodes in the anime. I do regret it a little bit. But, that is just my take. So Until next time be great my A&M people. 

If we saw Mary’s desire this show would be rated M. 

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