Top 5 Anime Student Councils

Fun fact of the day about me. I was the student council vice president in high school. But, my student council was not near the level of the council of these people. So let’s talk about the series that had the best overall student council. Meaning that you can have a strong president or vice president but, if you have an overall weak council. Then you are ranked a little lower. Compared to a well rounded staff. So on to number 5.

5) Satsuki’s Student Council

President: Satsuki Kiryūin
Disciplinary Committee Chair: Ira Gamagōri
Athletic Committee Chair: Uzu Sanageyama
Non-Athletic Committee Chair: Nonon Jakuzure
Information and Strategy Committee Chair: Hōka Inumuta

Kill la kill is a unique series in my heart. As time and time again I remember the introduction to the elite 4. As they are the rulers of the whole school. Gamagori was hilarious, Uzu was my favorite rival to Ryuko personally. Then you have the amazing leader of Satsuki who is just amazing from the beginning to the end of the series.

4) The Underground Student Council (Prison School)

President: Mari Kurihara
Vice President: Meiko Shiraki
Secretary: Hana Midorikawa

Now for the smallest yet one of the most savage student councils. Being the underground rulers of the all girls academy. With Hana who was my personal favorite character. As she would go from nice to insane in a second. Then you have the fanservice vice president. It was hilarious. All led by the queen of crows Mari. She is one of those people that could be a dictator in real life also.

3) Anna’s Council (Shimoneta)

President: Anna Nishikinomiya
Vice President: Ayame Kajou
Treasurer/Secretary: Raiki Gouriki
Member: Tanukichi Okuma

Now of all the student councils on this list. This one is the most secretive from one another. Except for Anna, she is insane and gives no f*cks to show her love. Followed by the vice president who is the leader of a underwear revolution. A main character that is meh to me. I wish this series got another season as this was an amazing comedy.

2) Medaka’s Council (Medaka Box)

President: Medaka Kurokami
Vice President: Misogi Kumagawa
Treasurer: Mogana Kikaijima
Secretary: Kouki Akune
General Affairs Manager: Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

I am gonna say that one and two were the toughest decisions. As I was going back and forth with them. But, Medaka and her student council, that is the strongest on this list.All of them are just amazing. I can go through a whole dialogue on each of their characters. But, I will sum it up to this. Medaka is a queen, Misogi is my GOAT, Mogana is amazing, Kouki is just fun, and Zenkichi is a king. That is my love for this cast in one sentence.

Honorable Mention: The Elite Ten

The elite ten would count one this list and probably be 3 or 4 if they didn’t stray so far away from the original student council set up. But, the original elite ten before all their characters got axed was amazing. Like their cast and the set up to their characters was just amazing. Man F#ck Food Wars.

1) Shirogane’s Council (Kaguya-Sama)

President: Miyuki Shirogane
Vice President: Kaguya Shinomiya
Treasurer: Yuu Ishigami
Secretary: Chika Fujiwara
Member: Miko Iino

Well if you have seen most of my recent posts. Most of you should have seen this coming. As this cast and their chemistry is GOD TIER. It is really rare for anime in general to have a cast of characters in one setting for a whole episode. While also making that entertaining as hell. I can name two off the top of my head and they are Ginatama and Kaguya sama. I can’t even describe this GOATed cast in one sentence.

Final Thoughts

I hoped you enjoyed this. The reason I even made this was because of Kaguya and Medaka. As they really make me wish my student council was like that in high school. But, yeah thanks for reading this and be great my A&M people.


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    1. Actually I have never seen this. But, now after reading the synopsis. It has three of my favorite things in anime: Parodies, Harem, and Comedy. So now I will be watching this. Thanks for the recommendation.

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