Kaguya’s “Illness” | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP8 Review

Been gone for a minute but I am back now. Time to talk about this Kaguya greatness. As Kaguya was sent to the hospital with a very unique illness. We get a near kiss scene that was so close to making the relationship cannon. Also we have the girl that always follows the rules, Miko is breaking them? A lot happened this episode and I am late but, it’s a new month and I am aiming for 5K so let’s talk about this chapter.

Episodes 8


It’s Miko’s first official meeting (maybe?) with the student council and I am amazed how she is trying to take over immediately. You see Kaguya trying to intimidate her, but every time she tries to do it Miko somehow mentions the two being a couple. Making Kaguya go all doki mode. I like Miko’s character thus far but I hated when she straight up looked at Ishigami in utter disgust when he talked to her. I do love her relationship with Chika as it is too pure even though Chika is tainting her purity.

Ishigami Is A GOAT

The animators did not have to do this scene like that. But, it was at the level of the Potato Chip scene in Death Note. Back to Ishigami, that man was in full chill mode this episode. As this guy got his feet on the table. He is playing on the switch, he is just vibing this whole episode. Also, when Miko said that mean stuff to him. I thought that he was gonna get the rope. But, he didn’t, which is a really good progression to his character to me.


The anime has to stop teasing us with these moments. Let it happen. Besides that Kaguya didn’t have to make it sound way worse than it was. Running to Miko making it sound like Shirogane is going to prison. I also do love that they both thought that they planned this. Yet this was a true anime coincidence. This is an amazing moment that literally gave Kaguya her new “illness”.

Kaguya “Illness” of Being a Tsundere in Love

You bring one of the world’s greatest doctors. One that also left a meeting with higher ups. To see Kaguya for her “illness”. Just to say that she is a tsundere in love with Shirogane. This was just amazing. It reminds me exactly of my favorite girl in One Piece, Boa Hancock. I just love that scene especially with Hayasaka in pure embarrassment.

Poor Hayasaka

Speaking of who. This girl was going through it. Imagine calling a doctor for a case of love. Then having that person that is love sick not believe it and ask for more tests. Not just that but, one of the world’s greatest to leave a meeting. She might have also worried Kaguya’s parents in the process. Hayasaka was going through it this episode man. I just love seeing her with other emotions man.

Final Thoughts

I love this episode. This was an all time classic. We are ¾ in this anime and I am hyped for the final quarter. So I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also Bakarina, and a top ten or five post will come tomorrow. But, I won’t guarantee that because I have not had sleep for the past couples hours. (Hardcore Gaming). But, until next time be great and stay safe in this crazy world that we are in now my A&M, people.

They really pulled a switch out and played Mario Kart.

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