GENERAL!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 642 Review

You kept us waiting long enough Hara. Over a month of a hiatus for the return of the GOAT. As we get the long awaited award ceremony. Status of the world at the moment. The return of some characters. Finally the dream that we all were waiting for since chapter 1. Time to talk about Kingdom Chapter 642.

Chapter 642: First Class Exemplary Reward

Migration To Zhou

We start off the chapter of the great migration of Qin people to the Zhou lands. Thus making those land official land of Qin.I love this as it just shows what all of this was for. Soon all of these lands will be one under Ei Sei’s banner. One day all of these lands will be one.

Status of China

Now we have a discussion with Ten and Mouki. Who we haven’t seen in a good while. As they discuss the next step of actions for us. As now the goal is for the capital. Time to take down the corrupt King of Zhou. Before a revolution frees Riboku. While Tou is taking control of Han of the moment.

Award Ceremony

After so long we get it. The long awaited crowning achievement that we have been waiting for is here. We got the three of them here. Getting their achievements read after one another. Then, having them all named general. Having Ousen in the back looking at his son. We have Mouten remembering his grandfather that day. Then we have the whole Hi, Shin Unit crying after Shin’s promotion.

This was an amazing ceremony. Seeing the trio that from the beginning said that they would become great generals. But, now they officially reached that dream today. I was so happy for this moment and for the future.

Final Thoughts

This whole chapter was amazing. I am a little sad that Ousen didn’t get promoted to Great General as I feel like he deserved it after that masterpiece of a strategy. I love that the trio that grew in war together make it to this point together. I can’t wait for what happens next. Thanks for reading this post and thank you to SenseScans for giving us this Kingdom greatness. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

So is Heki getting that Great General Rank?

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