This Manga Is Special | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 19 Review

Before I start if you are looking for the chapter. Look for it on the 100 Kanojo Reddit as Jaimini Box is currently down at the moment if you are looking for chapter 19. (Future Dez: they are back up now so go on their website) Now time to talk about one of my favorite chapters of this series. From the emotion that was put into some of these panels. To the confession that is just making Rentarou’s claim for the throne higher. This is one of my favorite new manga this year. So let’s talk about it.

Chapter 19: Even if it Costs Me my Life

Rentarou’s Speech

Willing to die for everyone’s happiness without hesitation. That is why he is such an amazing character. From his idea of happiness to his love for all of his girlfriends. To the most extreme amount. He proves time and time again why he is the ultimate harem protagonist. He has a lot to do until he takes that Harem King Crown but, he is there.

Karane and Hakari

I love this moment personally because Karane and Hakari at this point are beyond the point of best friends. Seeing how Karane was about to lose both her and Rentarou who she loves more than the world. She just wanted to make sure that Hakari would never put her through that again. I love this moment of the three of them hugging as they deeply care for one another. Then the mother realizes this man really is faithful to all of his girls.

The Confession

Rentarou has now added his 6th to his hundred. Nonetheless doing it right in front of Hakari and the other girls. Just seeing all of their reactions to it was amazing. Hakari and Karane just look in utter disgust. Kusuri and Shuzuki are in shock, and Nano is just emotionless. But, she basically said “a parent and child”. I love that the mother accepted it immediately and it was amazing.

Final Thoughts

We are about to get ecchi chapters, pajama parties, with no rules whatsoever as Hahari is the supervisor. I am afraid of this going to a seinen real quick. But, we will see in the next chapter as it was promised to be awards for Rentarou by the mangaka. So until then be great my A&M people.

I was laughing for a minute seeing Shizuka dive in the water and forget she can’t swim.

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