Miko’s Odd Fantasies | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP9 Review

Time to talk about this week’s episode of Kaguya-Sama. As we learn ALOT about Miko’s weird fantainse as she has read 50 Shades and sees the world a lot different to us. We get lots of references to a plethora of series. We finally have a dance that has come to challenge Chika’s masterpiece. We also have Ishigami having a new awakening of sorts and a lot more. So let’s get into the episode.

Episode 9

Miko’s Odd Imagination

I just have to say that Miko’s imagination is on another level. Especially the lewd stuff that she thinks about. From all the yuri and yaoi she thinks happens in students to the S&M play she thinks about. Her thought process is on a whole other level.

You no what, I have to give props to the animators for all of the references to everything. From Charlie Brown to 50 Shades, the anime has been on point with these references all season. Back to Miko and her messed up imagination. I am gonna be honest, she might be worse than Kaguya when she finds love.

Hand Gesture

Well the anime opening gave us a hint to her new quirk. (Thanks reddit for that) As the president has his fan that he uses all the time. She now has the hand to calm her every time she gets close to him. Which I have to admit was amazing the way that she found the hand gesture. It took her a whole Chika dance to figure it out. Also I just love Hayasaka, just wanted to add that.

Kaguya Vs Shirogane

I love this street fighter battle of love. While Prez stopped the one thing that she was using as a safeguard. We also learn that Kaguya is a black belt. I don’t remember if this was said before. But, explains her immense strength against Ishigami all the time. With other moments on top of that. But, Kaguya destroys Shirogane with 1HP. So Kaguya is the champ until Hayasaka challenges her.

Ishigami Cheerteam?

This to me came far out of left field. As I thought this was a flashback in the first place. Until the moment that I realised that it was him now. I don’t know if the team plans to prank Ishigami or this is some insane ritual. But, for the first task of this team being to crossdress. I would have to be Miko and just close that door.

Kaguya And Ishigami

Now at this point. I truly feel like Kaguya and Ishigami have a stronger Chika and Shirogane relationship. But, instead of a mother like Chika. She is more like an older sister to Ishigami that he fears to death. But, she cares for him all the same. I really do like their relationship. Yet have no embarremest whatsoever. As they are comfortable being naked in the same room as one another. You can say that in another life they could be childhood friends if not by some plot convenience aren’t already.

Final Thoughts

I love this episode as we got to explore the mind of Miko. Seeing how she worships Chika like a god for some reason. Then we have the birth of a new quirk and dance meme with Kaguya. We also end up with some NTR with the president being a little bit jealous peeking at girl Ishigami. This was another great episode, as I am sad that we are 3/4s done with this amazing anime. Until then be great my A&M people.

Let the MEMEs proceed

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