This is a Rant Not a Review | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP9 &10 Review

Note before I start this I put it in the title. This is a rant on the series that I really liked in the beginning. But, dropping the ball heavily made me hate it even more. So everything onwards is an enraged Dez right after episode 10. If you are looking for a normal review there are tons of people that make way better content than me. Now time to rant.


I normally go on some simple reviews. Talking about who she is gonna end up with. Maybe something else like my favorite character in the series. Until that was just ruined for me also. As every episode just gets worst and worst and I can’t fucking take it anymore. I am only talking about this series for the sole reason that I want to see how it ends now. As I put in 10 fucking episodes into this isekai garbage that should have never gotten green lighted.

Metaily of a Child? Yet Mentally almost 30

Now back to my original point. Like first of all how the hell did this girl this dumb. I really liked her character until they made her very stupid and childish beyond common sense. Like let’s be honest right now she has had 17 to 18 years as a child. Then add all the years on that she grew up. I call bull shit on that. Not even Subaru(Re:Zero) who is one of the worst shut ins in isekai history. Has a better mental state than Katarina.

Also how the hell do you play all these love games. Yet don’t understand love yourself. As in the beginning you were hyped up as this master of the game. That new all the routes. Which also makes the title of the whole anime bullshit as you basically secured your route to harem not doom. Without even trying due to her childlike nature.


Also what the hell is this saying what you think about, accident. I am calling bull on that also. You can not say that all this time. As some plot convenience to pull all these people to your harem is stupid. This is how the season ends. The redhead will fall for her. Harem complete. Anime says their are more doom flags. Season 2 never. As this is a 2/10 piece of shit and why is this an anime.

Not A Game Master?

I like the aspect of her genius of game memory. Like the anime The World God Only Knows is one of my favorite harems all time. Seeing how he moved the hearts one by one to capture them was amazing. Yet, Katarina forms the whole harem based on pure luck. Then we later find out that she never even mastered this game to begin with. Yet the true master of the game that somehow ended up in this world as a side character. To the main that doesn’t know the game to its completion. Yet assuming all routes lead to doom.

Jogging Some Memories

Also remember when Katarina episode 1 said she was gonna read up and hone her magic skills. To then become useless and be carried. What was the point of her making crops. I don’t even remember and I don’t even think it matters. Remember when she said she knew all of the routes. Yet don’t remember them till the last minute for 90 percent of them. You see all of this was to have a MC be a harem protagonist without doing any of the work.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up. They ruin a person that could have been one of the greatest female harem protagonists of our generation. I am not BSing on that. I am just mad that I watched this hoping for more to come out of it. I will review the final two episodes together, as all I am gonna be doing is ranting. So until then be great my A&M people.

It’s kinda funny as I am enjoying the Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle more than this.

2 thoughts on “This is a Rant Not a Review | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP9 &10 Review

  1. I completely get where you’re coming from. Catarina certainly puts the “Baka” in “Bakarina.” And as a plot contrivance, it does wear kind of thin.

    “Also how the hell do you play all these love games. Yet don’t understand love yourself. ”

    I was going to ask if you’ve seen The World God Only Knows, but then I learned you had because you mentioned it. BTW: That was an awesome series, wasn’t it? Especially Goddesses. That ending…


    It’s clear that Catarina doesn’t have much emotional empathy — heck, her range of emotions is pretty limited. So much so that I could see her mastering a game, learning its quirks, without knowing anything about “real life” romance. But that’s not really the core of your concern, I think. It seems to me that you object to just how unobservant and unintelligent Catarina can be.

    I can overlook Catarina’s baka-ness because early on, I accepted it as part of the premise. The light novel readers helped there, quite a lot, by talking so much about Bakarina.

    In fact, I’d still say it was one of my favorite series except episode 10 veered quite dark really fast — _too_ fast, in my opinion. But that’s a bit beside the point.

    “To sum this up. They ruin a person that could have been one of the greatest female harem protagonists of our generation. ”

    I guess the bottom line is that I can’t disagree with you on this. If the series had a slightly different premise, it might have been a lot different and potential greater.

    I’ll be interested to see what we think after episode 12!

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    1. This post was just something building up for a while. After seeing the dark turn, I really couldn’t talk about it without getting a little angry. I just had way too high expectations of this series from when I started it. As I was really hoping for another The World God Only Knows but on a smaller scale. But, I guess another reason I was so mad was just that the story lack depth, world building, and other things. I appreciate your comment and critics about it. As I will be also very interested to see how it ends.

      Also The World God Only Knows has one of my favorite harem protagonist in all of anime. Along with that amazing OP.

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