One More Chapter Left | Domestic na Kanojo Ch.269-275 Review

I am gonna be honest. I really can’t be upset at the ending as all. As I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of these final chapters. But, it didn’t really upset me. I have criticism for it but it was not the worst ending. If you think I am a Hina fan, then you haven’t read my reviews yet. Continuing on, I have to say that Kei is a great troll to some degree. As if in the final chapter. We do not get a harem ending. To have the final chapter in the volume be a Rui and Nats Sex sence. Is just rubbing salt on the womb towards Rui fans. Besides that, let’s talk about the chapters piece by piece.

Now, I have been holding back because I like for chapters to build up. So I wanted to wait about 10 chapters before reading. Until, all of my reddit feed was just filled with Domestic Girlfriend posts. I see all these Rui fans are about to suffer. A hospital bed and other things. So I had to delete the DG sub off Reddit for a while so I didn’t get spoiled. Then this week I heard that the mangaka is getting death threats on twitter. (Note to everyone that is doing that go f*ck yourself and get a life). So instead of waiting for the final chapter this week. I finally decided to read them.


I am curious why the principle even kept the picture, in a book no less. Also how did a teacher know the exact location of it. Besides that this is obviously an EXTREMELY kind publishing company in the world. The media does care where the information is from. They just like to make the headline. But, this company is one that cares for reliable sources so that is interesting. Now this page is about the biggest cap from Hina in the whole series.


Now I will admit that I fuck with Hina heavy. As these chapters show that she is a very competent character. One that can move past her demons and has really grown throughout this manga. I know what is going to happen next. So before I do, I just want to say this was at one time long ago one of my favorite mangas.

Page 1: I am betting that this man stabs somebody. (This is notes I make while reading the chapter. I am just here to say I called it.)

Why did we have to do this. At this point I was just made. Then, I was just lost. Like I can see the symbolism that she finally repaid Natsuo for saving her life. By saving the life of his girl and child. But, you didn’t have to do this. This mangaka takes a lot from korean drama I can tell by the extremes she does to it.


First off this is why I wait to binge this manga. That is a trash cliff hanger. But, this chapter is just finding out if she is okay. Which she is. I would have liked to see an ending where she died. Just to see how that would go. It would also make her love for him immortalized. But, I am a trash writer so don’t listen to me.

272 & 273

After this chapter Hina did become my favorite character if not already. But, for Rui to find out about the rings to that level. That had to be the worst ways possible, hands down. This is where the Rui fans rioted I can tell as one. I like the writing of this chapter. Yet I can’t help but dislike the writing of how we got to this conclusion. I wonder why the author made Rui pregnant. Is the reason so that the love that they have with one another can be eternal. Or is it just to make Rui, Nats’ baby mama and Hina his wife. Which both ways to me are kinda stupid.

I also feel like if this accident never happened and Rui found out about the rings. Would she let him go. I am pretty sure that is a no. Like this relationship that is most likely the end relationship once she wakes is based on a deus ex machina to a degree.

274 & 275

I can’t even give a proper review for these chapters. I was just laughing at this point. But, it is nice to see their relationship. Also was the marriage certificate necessary now 5 years later at the point where Hina is most likely gonna wake up. Why not two years ago or something else. Also Rui not letting Nats bath her. Like he never f*ck her on multiple occasions. Also the ring revival is some BS. But this is fiction at the end of the day. I am just really interested in Hina’s thoughts after 5 years of sleep.

Final Thoughts

Kei is a good author when it comes to character writing. She made all of us invested in this amazing manga and made a lot of people mad due to their investment in the series. Like Rui, Momo, and Hina are characters that people just want their happiness for. No matter how it ends I will cover the final chapter. I will talk about my journey with this series as I have been following this from the beginning to now. This is a series that schockly enough is one that I grew up with being one of my favorites. So until next sunday be great my A&M people.

I really have been following this series for over half a decade.

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