Top 10 Couples of Tsuredure Children

I finally read and complete the manga of one of my favorite anime all time. So I just wanted to make some content about the humongous cast of over 50 characters, 20+ couples, and a collection of amazing love stories. So I am here to rank my favorite couples of this amazing series. So if you haven’t read or watched it I HIGHLY recommend that you do. So now on to the list.

10) Satsuki Sasahara & Hideki Yukawa

Their relationship started out as a one that we never thought would happen. When I firsted watched the anime I thought that this was going to be a heart break. As it was a man moving on to college with a girl that never got to conve her true feelings toward him. But, seeing them become the first cannon couple was amazing. Then having to wait hundred chapters for the kiss was all the worth it.

9) Patricia Caulfield & Keisuke Tsuji

As one of the manga only couples. This is one that I wish made it to the anime. As Patricia and her “Sushi” for Keisuke was amazing. As the “pure” american who couldn’t speak english and the horny teen that treated her with nothing but, respect. They are a couple that was fun to see every time.

8) Kazuko Hosokawa & Love Master Shinichi

It was a girl in love with a literal god. I can’t really say more about their relationship cause it is one that is so hard to describe that I just love them. But, Love Master Shinchi having him as the aid to all of these lost couples in their time of need. How he is just everywhere in the perfect time. I just love his character.

7) Chiyo Kurihara & Takao Yamane

This was one that took a while. As Yamane is a man that believe that he didn’t deserve a girl. Yet she did love him. When we saw the double spread of the confession that was beautiful to me. After messing up time and time again. He finally convened his feelings for her in a 3 chapter arc nonetheless. Shout out to best wingman Motoyama as he just protected this man over and over from failure.

6) Chizuro Takano & Takuro Sugawara

The second longest couple to form. Behind the first couple of Kanda and Takase. This one was a drag every episode. As every time that we got them. Their was some element from anywhere to stop them. This was a long 200+ chapter payoff seeing the confession. They have her runaway. To then having Sugawara hug her. Now Chizuro is a girl that thinks to little of herself and is dense as hell. But, Takuro is a person that is popular and slowly but, surly shows his affection for her. This was a grind but, worth it.

5) Alice Himemiya & Akimasa Noro

Noro pulled off one of the greatest feats in history to me. He made a yandere girl for another man. To a tsundere towards him. To then make him his girlfriend. This man is stupid as hell but, his feat was so great. As this is the final couple in the series. One that with more chapter could have been even higher on this list.

4) Yuki Minagawa & Jun Furuya

Yuki is a fun person that makes jokes alot. While Jun is the serious one all the time. Seeing how they form their relationship to seeing how Yuki truly loves him. I love this duo so much. As they are just perfect for one another. I love how she teases him to no end. Then the first time he is serious for a whole chapter. This man, makes her blush and the tease is no more as they have their first kiss. As she is a shy girl that is with the mans she love deeply. In addition to that I love the relationship that she has with Jun’s sister. As she expects her to be her little sister one day. So I love how they develop a bond.

3) Iijima Kana & Uchimaru Chiaki

Simple yet perfect. They are the definition of a couple that are just two kids in love. They fight all the time, play games with one another, and they don’t even kiss the whole series. (Despite multiple attempts at that and more) But, one thing that mande me love them is they are the definition of marrying your best friend.

As they know everything about one another and they are the “best couple” according to the author. As they had a whole chapter saying that they are. They really are perfect for one another.

Honorable Mentions:

Before I go on I have to say that 2 and 1 are so close that on another day they can switch. But, at the end of the day I feel like I made the right choice. But, I want to shout out to the rapper Onizuka cause reading all of his chapters was fun as hell. Especially with all of the raps. Goda would be on this list if Ayaka was not so needy and thirsty. I like Erica and don’t like Shinji so that is why they didn’t make it. Karate club duo is an amazing confession and thats it to me.

Number 11 on the list that barley made it was the teacher and student for the soul savageness of Chiba. I love her character, carefully planing to covice her teacher of the relationship. After failing just saying I want to smash on multiple occasious I was laughing. Now onto the top two.

2) Ryoko Kaji & Masafumi Akagi

They are perfect for one another. Even as polar opposites Akagi is love master but, as a simple mortal. While being the student council president and a esteem student in the world. While Ryoko is the delinquent of the school. Always taking smoke breaks and skipping class. Seeing how they got together.

How their relationship flourish in the series was beautiful. Seeing Akagi Ryoko all the love in the world and better herself was masterful. As Ryoko is a massive tsundere so that just adds points to it. I love them in the anime and the main reason I love this series so much. They were my number one couple until the manga gave me my favorite duo.

1) Fuyumi Toda and Yoshiharu Sunagawa

How do I desribe this amazing couple. They are bland as hell. They are straight forward as hell. They show little to no emotion in the whole series. Yet they are so amazing to me. As seeing their relationship one that I feel as if they would die for one another. Seeing how they form it was priceless.

As they would go back and forth. But, they would not leave the chapter without them being together. Then, seeing how they act with one another. To seeing how they had their first kiss. To then seeing Toda smile for the first time. They are just one of the most chill couples in the series which adds to their greatness.

Final Thoughts

I have said alot. This is now one of my favorite manga all time also so I am just happy to share it. So thank you all for reading this, thanks to the author for giving us such an amazing story, and the anime staff that took the time to make this series. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

I sushi this series.

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