3 Series I Hope To See Get an Anime One Day

There are some things that we might never get animated in a lifetime. So I thought that I would talk about a series that I would love to see get animated one day. But, the chances are very slim to me. But, who knows what will happen in this industry. So let’s talk about them.

Sodachi Fiasco Arc- Monogatari

I just need this to be in my life. I don’t care if we never get another Monogatari season for the rest of my life after this. Reading the bootleg light novel off some random site for this part was still as powerful. I cried reading it. As it is debatable, but Sodachi Fiasco to me is one of the top 3 parts in the franchise ever yet it might never get an anime. So Shaft just gives us this story at the very least so we can have our clouser on such a prominent character.

A Remastered Anime of Slam Dunk

This manga is one of my favorites of all time. This is a manga that is a pioneer and a legend of sports manga. Yet, this is a series that needs to get a brotherhood or hunter hunter (2011) treatment. As the original anime came out in the 90s. So I just hope it gets the crisp new version of it one day.


I rarely talk about this series. But, all I ask for is this to be animated one day. This would make webtoons bigger than they already are. As having a mangaka that grew from this app to have an anime produced from that. That would be amazing to me. This story deserves it the most of all in the world.

Final Thoughts

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post. As some of these series might never get an anime. But, I always have hope. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Sodachi is a Queen

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