The NEW Hi Shin Army | Kingdom Manga Chapter 643 Review

Time to talk about that Kingdom greatness as we have the new layout of the NEW Hi Shin Army. As we are not a unit anymore. But, a whole army. We have a conversation with Shin and Mouten. Finally, a whole Civil War in the capital? Let talk about chapter 643: Show of Resolve.

New Ranks and Promotions

I love this diagram right now. As Kyou Kai has now been promoted to 5000 man. Now my girl is one more step away from that General status. Making that final goal a little bit closer. Ten will never get that Gai Mou treatment with 100 bodyguards now. Then we have Be Hei as a 100 man commander now. Making the army 15,000 strong with the combined units of Kyou Kai and Ri Shin. It really is crazy how much they all have grown from that small 10 man squad.

Mouten & Shin

Seeing them as generals now. They can now wage war with 35,000 combined men. As the trio that started out as small 1000 man commanders finally made it to their rank. It’s crazy how much progression we have so far. I am interested in Mouten’s new lieutenant as he is from Moubu’s army. Giving this man an elite right hand similar to Shin most likely. Also you got to love the way they meet up every time.


This took a huge turn real quick. As we have a straight civil war in Zhou. What will happen, who knows at this point. As the King is dead set on killing Ri Boku the only hope off Zhou. While the Ri Boku’s faction is loyal to the bone. Ready to get struck by arrows for this man. Killing royalty in the kingdom leaving them on the streets. Kaine is on a pure emotional adrenaline rush trying to find Ri Boku. It is going crazy. As Qin is closing in so one of these factions have to go or we have another Gyou situation.


I can’t wait to see the new Hi Shin Army in action. I love that we are going for that capital now. It is time to end it all now. As we enter the complete takeover of Zhou. Thanks to Sense Scans for giving us this masterpiece every week and thanks for reading So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Imagine having Be Hei as your commander

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