The Return | Grand Blue Chapter 61 + Extra Review

It has been a good minute since I talked about Grand Blue. But, I have to say that it never stops to make me laugh so much. As we are having ships sailing, people crying, and people getting electrocuted. Alongside an extra chapter of puppy talk. So today we will talk about chapter 61 and 61.5 called Lottery Ticket and Puppy.

61: Lottery

Starting off with this chapter we have a lot of comedy. As Iori wins big in the lottery. But, he doesn’t want to let people know that. Due to P.A.B. not being the kindness of people in the world. We also get a lot of diving this chapter which was really fun to see. But, the reason that Iori was hiding it so much is so he can take Chisa on an exclusive two person diving trip. Aina LITERALLY crying in the background.

Iori Wins Big

Now the comedy was top tier this chapter. This man was almost in the clear until he refused booze. Then everyone knew something was up. They nearly killed him for the 100th time. But, he refused to spill the beans about the ticket. That takes guts my dude.

Chisa Ship is Sailing

First off we all have to feel sorry for Aina. As she was just in the background watching the man that she was trying to get for a minute. Ask another person on a date. Not only a date, but one to an whole island. And not only that this man is using his lottery money on this also. This ship has sailed to the max. Aina has a lot to go through in the next chapter as she will have to have a discussion with him soon. Before they return a couple.

Extra: Puppy

This extra chapter was just Iori loving a dog to the extreme. Then, we have one of the most horrific panels that I have seen. Diabolical if I must say.

Puppy Lover Iori

We learn that Iori is now a dog lover to the extreme. Caring for it so much that he was trying to take it away from its owner. This man was worse than Cakey this episode. Who also really love dogs. Even stayed a night in a room with the man that she has a crush on. To only pay attention to the puppy and not him.

Why Did You Do This

Out of the many things I regret looking at in my life this picture right here is up their. Like what the actual f*** man. I knew Chisa was gonna reject it. But, to that degree. That is a whole nother level. That is how you return I guess.

Final Thoughts

This manga is still amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens next chapter. Since I took a break from the series cause I was falling out of love with it to a degree. But, rereading it made me remember how much I love this series. So thanks everyone for reading this and be great my A&M people.

Man I missed this Grand Blue Greatness.

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