Trolling & Fanservice | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 20 Review

Well we went from a heartwarming amazing chapter last week. Right back to comedic and fanservice galore. As this chapter was near rated X with some of the panels. We get some 4th wall breaking fun. Besides that let’s get into chapter 20 called “We Said We’d do it, so Let’s go all out With the Reward Chapter”. (Nice 4th wall break mangaka.)

Fanservice Galore

The Fanservice in this episode did not disappoint. As we start off with a bath seen. Then we have Karane, who is a little thirsty. Licking and kissing on Rentarou abs out of nowhere (not complaining though).

Then when have Rentarou getting stripped and supposedly got his clothes. In the most sexual way imaginable. The girls debate who is taking Rentarou’s V Card. This whole chapter was pure comedic fan service. Also time to place bets for virginity cause I am betting Karane 10 out of 10 times. Besides that The fan service in this chapter exceeded my expectations.

Mom & Rentarou Trolling All Chapter

They are changing clothes.

They are funny together as we learn that the mother really likes cute things. So we got to see a whole pajama scene with them modeling all of these pajamas. With every panel of the girls we have Hahari and Rentarou just streaming of the cuteness of them. They are a fun duo to watch man.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Well the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. As Hakari and Hahari plan to sneak up at Rentarou as he is taking a bath. So we have a little role reversal once again. But, what they plan to do with that rope is something we gotta wait till next week find out.


Love this chapter of pure fanservice as the mangaka promised and delivered it and way more than expected. So I have to give props to that. Who knows what happens next week and how they’re gonna sleep in that one huge bed together. So it’s gonna be fun to see either way. Thanks Jaiminis Box for giving us this greatness and thanks to everyone for reading this post. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

They really made this man sleepy beauty

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