PAPA “DIO” | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP10 Review

Well time to talk about this episode. As we have PAPA DIO ( I will be calling him this all review) and all of his greatness. We get Ishigami development and backstory. Mama Chika returns and is pissed. Also Kei is in this episode so that is fun. So let’s talk about it.

Episode 10

The Shiroganes

Seeing the Shirogane household and how they funtion is fun to know. As Kei is in her rebellious/tsundere phase right now with her brother. But, she wants to know about his relationship with Kaguya as she cares about him. We get some backstory on the mother and how she just left the household. But, the dad refuses to divorce her in hope she comes back.

I will talk more about PAPA DIO towards the end of this review. As this was his episode. But, the episode starts off with Prez Shirogane sad, as he is still in a rocky relationship with Kaguya. So since Kei is in her phase. She waits until the perfect moment from PAPA DIO to give him some advice. Thus making him feel better. Then as time passed, the duo went back to normal maybe.

Mama Chika Returns

I feel like that Chika was just done at this point. You can see the suffering in her eyes. As she really had to teach this man volleyball, singing, and now dancing. Give this girl a teaching award or something. Like she is pissed at this point. So much that she even quit on him this chapter. But, she decided that at this point she was done. So she left to then come back and see Kaguya start teaching him. Then she goes in this seated position mad as hell just watching. It was marvelous. From the direction to the voice acting of Chika I love this portion of the episode.

Ishigami’s Backstory

Now this was something that I didn’t think we would get this season. But, aside the whole Kaguya and Shirogane relationship development. We have a whole character development arc on the side. Like it is nothing. I am really interested in his backstory. Along with his relationship with Miko, her friend, his first crush, and the other girl that name leaves me. But, I want to know more and I can’t wait to see more.


Now the star of the episode. Takehito Koyasu, the voice of DIO Brando (Jojo’s BA), Takasugi (Gintama), and so many more amazing characters in anime. Has praised us with his appearance as PAPA DIO. Besides that we have the fated meeting of the parents between Kaguya and PAPA DIO. It was amazing and cute. When he revealed himself Kaguya after getting all the info from her. It shows where Shirogane got some of his brains from.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing episode. I love the development between everyone this episode. I love that basically the whole Shirogones love Kaguya. So maybe we will get the opposite one day. So we can have the families basically ship them. Can’t wait to see more of Ishigami’s backstory and his development arc. With two more episodes anything can happen.

I need to be in a club like this.

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