Chainsaw Man: A Must Read Seinen In Shonen Jump

The series Chainsaw Man appeared in Shonen Jump that made its debut December of 2018. It is now a continuing series in jump with 7 volumes at the moment with more to come. It is a very uniquine series that has well written characters that don’t follow the shonen jump mold to a tee. This manga does have sex, violence, gore, and a lot of vulgar laguage as a manga on shonen jump. So I am here to discuss how this borderline seinen is still going and why it is a must read seinen.

The Emotions

The reason that I portray this more as a seinen than a shonen. Is not only because a seinen manga is more for an older audience compared to a shonen that is suited for tween to teen boys. It is not only because of the violence as Jump is willing to show that to their audience on numerous occasions with an example being the Promised Neverland. But what makes it a seinen series is the way that Tatsuki Fujimoto made his manga.

As he takes care in every panel makes you feel the emotions of his characters. Making you feel what they are going through. Making you feel the happiness, sadness, and even pure disut that every panel gives you. That is why I feel that this story is seinen. As the way that he writes these characters and their emotions feels it is meant for an older audience. Or I can be wrong and there’s a reason that Fujimoto made this a shonen series.

Denji A Simple Yet Insane Main Character

Reading chapter one you see a boy that is in debt due to his father. So he ended up selling most of his body parts and is now hunting devils to pay off his debt. The world is against him from the jump as he lives off one slice of bread for days. Struggling to pay off his debt for life hoping for a normal life. On this journey of hoping to get out of debt. He makes friends with a small devil dog with a chainsaw for a head. They form a bond over time and it becomes his only friend in life.

One day something tragic happens to Denji. Due to the care that Denji has shown this devil dog, it performs a taboo act so that Denji can live his dream. A simple dream of a normal life and food that is more than a slice of bread. He does not care for the humans that suffer from devils in the world. Nor does he care for the devils that want to eat all humans. He just wants the simple things in life and nothing else. That being love, food, and a normal life.

Mystery and Writing Into Makima

Now from the emotions that are portrayed for every character. The one that we can never figure out is the boss of Makima. As she is so much of a unique character that every chapter we get with her. I am just more and more lost in her character and her goals. As she can be minulatuipe at times or she can be really caring. The way that she talks and how she is a forever mystery makes every chapter entertaining.

Final Thoughts

I want to say so much for this series. But, I say it is a must read and a series on Jump that I hope is here to stay. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

The simple things in life.

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