I HAVE BEEN HOLDING BACK | Tower of God – Episode 12 Thoughts

If you have not watched this episode watch it now. As a manhwa reader I couldn’t even do reviews without spoiling. So now that I can finally talk about the character that has been getting people banned on reddit for saying their name in a manner. A character that is more hated than the antagonist of Berserk. Time to talk about this episode. Once again SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 12 OF TOWER OF GOD.

Yuri Jahad

The funny part about this is that this is not even .01% of her power. She really was not even trying against another RANKER. Yuri is well deserved of her title as Princess as she is way too OP. I love that she just flicked this man and destroyed him. When it took Endorsi and Annak the weapons and both of them to just push him back a little. Showing the power of a Princess Ranker compared to rookies.

Missing Details of Endorsi and Annak with Yuri

First off Endorsi empathized that she promised Bam a date if they won. Trying to make Yuri a little bit jealous. Then Yuri thinks that she is a little crazy. Another thing that the anime did differently to the manga is that. When Yuri took Green April she said that this is too heavy for you. Making her a little more sentimental than her usual self. Little details like that make it feel a little different. But, the anime wanted to put the whole 78 chapters in one 13 episode season.

Khun Family Reunion

Gotta love the Khun family. I can’t talk about them so much. But, just gotta love the conversation with them. Also Hatz knowing that Khun never takes breaks knowing that he was in trouble. For anime onlys outta of the ten families the Khuns is my favorite. So can’t wait for more of them in season 2.


I introduce you to one of the main antagonists of Tower of God, Rachel. The girl that wanted to be the main character so much that she lied and deceived the man that would help her make it to the top. I want to say so much more but, all I can say is that you all will feel my pain rewatching every scene with her this season.

Final Thoughts

I love this series. It has so much content left to go. The next episode is the epilogue of season 1 of the Tower of God webtoon. So get ready for a new way of people to hop on the webtoon train. Thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

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One thought on “I HAVE BEEN HOLDING BACK | Tower of God – Episode 12 Thoughts

  1. Yes, Tower of God is surprisingly awesome! I didn’t read the manhwa first, so I had no idea what the anime was about when I started watching it. It was just so good. ToG had so much more depth than most battle royal anime. I really loved it and I can’t wait to watch the 2nd season.

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