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Out of all the anime that I watched this spring season. This one was one that I never knew that I would love so much watching weekly. But, as I was watching the final episode that even brought tears to my eyes. It made me want to discuss this amazing father daughter story of a dad hiding his job from his daughter.

The Premise

The story is one that can be very comedic at times. While also being very heartwarming at others. As it is a father called Goto-sensei hiding his career from his daughter. As he writes a manga with dirty jokes in it. It can be very comedic and fun watching it. Then, the episodes end with a flashforward to the future. As we get something with an earring feel to it.

The Relationship of Hime and Goto

Now I have almost given up on father daughter anime after discovering the end of If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord. So when I see a series like this with a proper ending. I am happy to see that this didn’t get weird at all. Besides that I love the overprotective nature of Goto over his daughter. As he doesn’t want anything to happen to her after losing his wife. Still believing that she is out there.


Also side note but, I remember when Goto had all of these girls after him. But, he didn’t realize it. As the only two women he cared for was his wife that he was looking for all this time. Then his daughter, that he cares for more than anything in life. I love that from his character and everything else.


There is so much to say about her character. But, I will leave it at this. She has hands down the best lines in the whole anime. From, are you my dad’s love child, to other things that are leaving me at the moment. I just love her character man. Best daughter of 2020 is right her man.


Everytime the episode ended we got constant clips of the future in the end. Showing us that this heartwarming story has a bit of sadness in its future. But, the way that this is written we never could find out until the end. So when we find out that Goto-Sensei is in a coma due to him quitting his manga. After people made ill of the name of his wife.That made me happy and sad, as I truly thought that Hime was gonna lose both her mom and dad.

But, when he came out of his coma. To then come out of his amnesia. Then him realizing that his daughter finally found out. I was so happy then the music hit at the right time. It made the show amazing to me. We then see Hime draw manga and while also keeping a secret. That brought tears to me man. Hime is one of my favorite characters this season because of the writing that was put into her man. Even though she is not the main focus the way that she was just amazing.

Final Thoughts

I feel as if this is a sleeper anime this season. So I just wanted to bring light to it. I barely talked about it even though I did watch it weekly. So thanks to Kakushigoto for giving us a great story. This was not a proper review I feel like. As I mainly focused on the duo. But, overall the cast was amazing and chemistry was up their. Thanks to all for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

This is truly a beautiful story

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