Prince Ka Meets His Father | Kingdom Manga Chapter 644 Review

It is time for the Zhou Capital takeover arc. We have a look into the civil war that is happening in Zhou. We have a father son meeting. Someone loses an ear, after getting Mike Tysoned. We also have a historic death in this chapter. So let’s talk about chapter 644 of Kingdom manga called House of the Peach Spring.

Prince Ka

First off I have to say that if this man was king the world would be a lot different now. As Ka is doing everything in his power to save the country. Meeting his father took a lot of guts. As you can see this man sweating bullets right now. But, then to have this man go Mike Tyson and bite his own son’s ear off. That just showed that this man is insane. Like what the hell man.

Worst Way To Go

This is truly one of the worst deaths in the manga period. Like Hara didn’t have to show that man doing that. But, he did deserve it. Also the way that the kids go from lifeless eyes to smiling. Was the creepiest thing that I saw man. But, now the King of Zhou is dead and Riboku now might be able to save what is left of Zhou. This next arc is gonna be epic.

Who Killed the King?

There is a lot to speculate here. As the king couldn’t have been killed by the Riboku faction or his man. As they are still preparing to stop Riboku being executed. So now that might leave Prince Ka to kill his own father. Which can be the case as he did lose his ear to him. Maybe the person that the king put next in line for the throne after his meeting. Waiting for him to remove his son. So much can be speculated so I can’t wait to find out.

Final Thoughts

This was a disgusting yet satisfying chapter as we got the end of the pedo king of Zhou. We might have Riboku back in action. Also we now will have a new King of Zhou. Who will it be I wonder. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

One thing I must know is Riboku’s history with Kaine.

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