Shizuka Time!!! | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 21 Review

This chapter solely belongs to Shizuka as she gets a lot of dubs in this chapter. Besides that, let’s talk about chapter 21 called “Let’s Span This Across Multiple Chapters. That’s What Going all out Means”. (Way to basically tell use you are gonna have this slumber party for a couple of chapters, Also the titles are getting longer and longer). If you want to read this chapter go on Jaiminis Box as they keep giving us this greatness. So time to discuss.

Shizuka is Way Too Pure

First off I like that other members of the harem are getting some time to shine. As Shizuka is funny and cute everytime she gets panels. So I am appreciated in her chapters. Also, seeing her try to be the sane and pure one in the group of perverted girlfriends was cute. To then get tied up in a burrito and left on the bed. It was a fun read seeing the adventures of burrito Shizuka this chapter man.

Everyone trying to Spy On Rentarou

You know what man. Rentarou had it bad this chapter. As he was just expecting them to spy on him knowing his girls. But, instead he had one of the most horrific bathing sessions ever. Having to see them near scare him to death was fun. Also Shizuka got to see him without even trying to see him. So it’s Shizuka dub this chapter.

Karane Always Tsundere

Gotta love how Karane’s tsundere nature is so amazingly bad that she basically snitches on them. I was just laughing at this man. Like I know she is the tsundere of the group. But, man she is going far and beyond for that title man. Also Rentarou scolding everyone at the end was amazing.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that Shizuka got to shine in this chapter. Also all the horror elements where amazing. So I can’t wait to see if the other girls get ther own chapter this arc. Well until next time be great my A&M people.

After seeing Rentarou’s **** she can only think of elephants now I wonder why.

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