This Series is Truly a Masterpiece | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP11 Review

I did not think that this anime can exceed my expectations time and time again. Through the weeks of this anime. Yet I have to say that this episode just made this anime way more special than it already was. As a pure Ishigami based, backstory episode dealing with serious topics of cheating, bullying, and depression. This episode is a f*cking masterpiece.

There are episodes that make a series from great to masterpiece to me. For Gintama, that was Sougo’s Sister arc. For Hunter X Hunter that was Yorknew City. For Attack on Titan it was Hitoria’s Backstory. For Monogatari it was the Shinobu’s Time arc. And for Kaguya Sama it was this episode. As this anime truly outdone itself this season in all aspects of media.

Episode 11

Ishigami’s Past

Going into this man’s past and seeing what he did for a girl that he didn’t have a crush on. Yet he only cared for her happiness as she was a kind girl. But, after dealing with a popular kid in school, the whole world is against him. His parents, his teachers, everyone in school, and yet Shirogone, a member of the Student Council the year before. Looked at his paperwork and saved this man from the worst case scenario man. It really makes all of his jokes in the first season way deeper and darker than expected.

Eyes of the Cheer Team

This whole episode people were without eyes. Showing the world through Ishigami’s view. Then when seeing his past come back. You realize that after a certain point that is how he viewed most people in the world. Then seeing how he finally sees their eyes. I have to say that the cheer team is a squad that I mess with heavily now. In the beginning I didn’t much care about them. But, now I feel like they were the push that Ishigami needed.

Student Council

Bruh the Student Council is truly a family man at this point. Like what they do for one another. The small things that they say in the background about him. All the support that they give this man. Even Miko shouting Ishigami’s name during the run.(Also I am now on the Miko and Ishigami ship) I love how this episode showed that they are more than a student council and more a family.

Final Thoughts

I really love this episode. The way that they made this series I can only say that this anime is truly special. Every that hasn’t given this series a chance yet is missing out on a amazing story. I don’t know what they can do in the final episode this season. But, all I care about is that this series ends on a funny note. So thanks everyone for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.


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