Things I Missed | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 4 to 6 Thoughts

I made a post about the first three episodes of the anime. But, I never got to make more cause I procrastinated. But, now I am finally rewatching this amazing series with a better love for it now. So I want to discuss my new thoughts as a person that watched this anime as it aired in 2016. So when watching this with a new view on anime makes this series a lot more interesting to me.

Episode 4: Subaru is really Narcissistic

He is to a degree this episode. As I feel like from the beginning of the anime, he decided that he would have his harem and live in peace. I love the conversation that he had with Ram as he said that he would choose both orges in the story. To then be brutally murder by one of them. We also know that this man was brutley murder by Rem as she distrusted him. I have to say that that scene was savage as she did not hold back.

Beatrice and Subaru

I keep forgetting a room that is really hard to access. Yet Subaru is someone that can come in and out it at will. It is really interesting how that can relate to his curse. So I feel as if he has maybe a keen sense for cursing things that he yet to realize. I love all of their conversations as Beatrice is a really interesting and loveable character.


Another character that I did not think of before is the character of Roswaal. As in one of the timelines was Roswaal ready to go all out on Beatrice. Like he was waiting for the chance to fight her. Also Beatrice was able to hold him off this episode so that was interesting. As we didn’t see the end of that fight.

Subaru First Self Restart

I have to say that this man has the will to do that. Is something that most people could not do. Yet his new found care and love for a woman that killed him. Along with Ram, Beatrice, Ruck and Emilia. Allowed him to do something only a crazy make can do. But, he is Subaru, someone that I hated yet now I kinda am starting to like again.

Episode 5: Emilia Time

This episode actually really made me appreciate Emilia’s character. As I didn’t realize that she didn’t want to be a candidate for the Kingdom. As she told Subaru her name as Satella to basically lose her position. Also the moment that made me realize his love for Emilia was the lap pillow scene.

Lap Pillow

This scene is one that made me truly love Emilia’s character. As seeing Subaru try to hold in all of that suffering. For Puck and her to notice that in him. Then Emilia give him that lap pillow so that he can cry out all of that suffering that he has been keeping, but not knowing why was beautiful. It is amazing that this man can keep his sanity and if it was not for his personality. He would not be in a good place right now. Also I realized that Emila saved Rem from killing him again after this scene. While also starting the love between Rem and Subaru.


I forgot that this dude can fly man. Like he is a legit Dragon Ball Z character in this series. Also out of all the previous timelines when he never left. This one he did. Leaving a lot more questions for his character.

Episode 6: Rem & Ram Backstory

I already know the backstory from Rem’s prospective. So this time I wanted to see it from Ram’s. As despite everything that happens to Rem. She did love her sister and protected her sister in the flashback. Also when her sister broke her horn. Rem smiled. Such a small but important detail that I missed. So for a moment Rem was happy that she was not weaker than Ram. She was happy that they were finally at the same level. So that is what has been eating her for it. Making her even sadder that her sister lost her horn. Rem is flawed in many ways but, I am even more infatuated in her character now.

Roswaal and Ram

I remember this scene and thought it was just a weird scene. As I thought that Ram and Roswaal were a thing. But, this is something that I didn’t realize. As Ram basically said on that night of the attack she became his. Yet we didn’t see anything of him saving them or him being mentioned.

Politics and Dragons

But, we did learn that this throne war is one that he must win. So he can kill a dragon. Also Beatrice said that long ago that the witch of envy was sealed away with a dragon, a hero, and a sage. So maybe he is trying to have those three powers. As he can obtain it through the dragon, he can be the hero, and Ram with her horn can be the sage. So I am curious about that plot line.


Her smile is one that must be protected. That is all.

Final Thoughts

Forgot to mention that in episode 4. This man Subaru risked his life for the happiness of everyone. It takes a lot to jump off a cliff man. Well that is my thoughts on 3 hours of content. So thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

I Love Crazy Rem

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