The Calm Before The Storm | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Memory Snow Thoughts

Well I finally am on the track to rewatching this series and now I finally can watch an episode that I have not seen yet and it is very rewarding. As I got to see the relationship that got developed between the Roswaal household. Also learned some more lore about the world. As this episode to me was a good episode that I wished showed in the anime. But, let’s talk about it.

Memory Snow OVA

Puck’s Ice Powers

Well Puck as a spirit and an Ice one in fact has a magic released phase every year. That he must let his ice magic release. One that led to us having a Snow Festival this episode. Also we learn that Emilia is Immune to Puck’s magic so she can stay in ice. I do not know of the contract as I still have yet to watch the new OVA. But, I can’t wait to learn more about that.


Now this episode Rem was all over Subaru. But, I love her character this episode. As everytime that she was on screen I enjoyed it very much. Specifically the mayonnaise bathtub scene and the ice statue that she made with Ram watching. As I was in utter laughter and smile with her this whole episode.

Puck Vs Roswaal

Now I need more on this. Like you guys are just gonna give us a snippet of this epic fight that changed the map. Then you are gonna pass by it like we didn’t want to know more about it. But, every episode I am more and more interested in Roswaal’s character. This man is ready to fight with anyone. Like I feel as if he has heavy inspiration from Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter. So maybe that is why I like his character so much.

Snow Festival

The whole snow festival was fun. We get to see more of the villagers have fun. We have Beatrice be tsundere the whole time. We got to see every and their art skills (good and bad) in the series. It was just a nice calm before the major storm of the rest of this anime.

Ram Greatness

I just have to say that I love her character so much man. Like she usually drinks and treats Roswaal the same way that Rem treats Subaru. But, in her own unique way. I love everything that she does and she is just fun to be around. Also when Emilia and Rem got a little close. Ram was like saved to memory. I love her character as she and Subaru have the second best dynamic behind Subaru and Beatrice.


Now time to talk about our favorite tsundere Beatrice. As this episode gave us some more of that dynamic duo that we love. So I am happy that we got to see them converse alot. Also seeing a smile on her face makes me happy. As she is my favorite character in the series at this moment. (Rooswal smiling in the background)

Final Thoughts

I am loving going back into this series again. Rewatching and seeing even more information in this is enjoyable as heck. I love seeing the character dynamics and learning more about the lore and magic system in this world. So I can’t wait to hop back into the next arc. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

This was my favorite moment.

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