King’s Final Decree | Kingdom Manga Chapter 645 Review

Hara I have to give you props. You had given Zhou the ultimate glimmer of hope. You had made the Prince that could have saved the country King. You freed Riboku and had him immediately push Qin back. You even had me rooting for Zhou. To then take it all away with the King of Zhou’s final decree. Removing all hope for the land of Zhou. 10 out of 10 chapter. This was amazing so let’s talk about it.


As the king of Zhou died. Qin was notified immediately and with that even Ousen was shocked. As with King Ka in power he can make Zhou born anew. This man bolstered the army and free Riboku in an instant. Forcing Qin to fall back in the battle. I just have to say that Prince Ka and Riboku could have taken China in one fell swoop.

The Final Decree

Well before the king died. He left one more F U to the world. Declaring that his son is no longer in the running to be king. So his younger son will now rule the land of Zhou. Taking away all hope left for the state of Zhou.

The New King of Zhou Sen

How can there be an even worse king of Zhou? Well here is his younger brother, that most likely killed his own father after hearing he was next in line. Has a legion of slaves. That have stab marks and are using them as pets. This whole page basically said that this new king is not only bad but worse than the old king.

Final Thoughts

Amazing chapter, thanks to Sense scans for giving us this greatness. Thanks for reading this post. I can’t wait to see what happens next chapter. So until next time be great my A&M people.

What a Horrid Travesty Indeed Hara

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