The Hanazono Family | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 22 Review

I keep forgetting that this manga can be a little bit heartwarming and cringing at the same time. But, that is another reason why I love it so much. Time to talk about the Hanazono family. Along with the first between Rentarou & Hahari. So let’s talk about chapter 22 titled: “Members of the Hanazono Family”

Hahari & Rentarou

So Rentarou obviously has the kindest soul of harem anime history. While also being very mature for his age on top of that. As he was a man and didn’t leave the women that he loved to be depressed and crying. I enjoyed the conversation between them. But, personally I couldn’t take it seriously so I cringed a little. But, I do love the seriousness of our protagonist in this moment. Also the first kiss for Hahari (man she is really a virgin Mary). Is one of my favorites in the series behind a couple great ones between Karane and Hakari (Which we will address later).


I do love the moment between Hakari and Rentarou. As he did all of this to make sure that she was happy. Even got another waifu in process so not a bad deal on his part. Also I like how Karane guarded Rentarou from everyone. Keeping an eye to make sure that nothing happens in bed. But, it is just a heart warming moment between Hakari so she sleeps.

But, we must never forget that Karane and Hakari truly do care for one another.

Meeting with the Father of Hakari and Former lover of Hahari

Now I can understand how Rentarou acts around other supernatural beings. As he did meet up with god and threatened him also. But, when he ment this man. To show his father in law and his girlfriend former love his pure heart so much. That he went straight to heaven. I loved that moment (Side note I swear this is the 3rd confirmed male character in the series). Also when he was crying for him. I just started laughing, man. Rentarou is amazingly a pure hearted savage.

Final Thoughts

Fun chapter. I love the comedy and the official introduction of the Hahari into the harem. We might get introduced to lucky number 7 very soon. So place your bets now. I am saying that it is gonna be a teacher as we haven’t seen that many in school. Thanks for reading this post and thanks to Jaimini box for giving us this amazing manga. So until next time be great my A&M people.

That Hahari Flex Doe

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