A Picture Can Hold 1000 Words | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP12 (FINAL) Review

Well this was another fun conclusion to this season of Kaguya-Sama. We have an ending similar to last season, ending with the fun adventures of the student council. I say that this season was amazing and ended on a note making me want even more. Making me want to take my time and read my favorite manga of all time.

Principle Takes Picture

Bruh this principle was on some other sh*t this episode. As he was not here that much this season. So he had to go all out in the final episode. Looking like a sketchy photo director. Near taking advantage of Miko’s innocence. But, overall this principle was nice to have in the episode.

Hayasaka Greatness

This episode just showed Hayasaka flexing on us with her best girl status. As she already has her own harem before Shirogone and Kaguya can get together. Then we have technology love which was also very cute to see of her in this episode. Showing if you love technology, pc building, and swearing your undying loyalty to the Kaguya family. Then she is the perfect girl for you.

Group Picture

It is great just to see a girl that has been sheltered her whole life. Finally have things that she has never had before. Seeing how happy she was getting all of her memories back. The group photo that she always wanted. This is just something to make you happy.

The Pump Pump Challenge

Now this was just pure comedy. As this was foreshadowed from the season one opening. As this was just beautiful of everyone trying hard not to pop the balloon to look scared. To have at an absurd size. The to have it pop by a tagering giving one of the largest explosions in the world. Destroying the school in the process. This was an amazing way to end the season on a bang. (pun intended).

Overall Season Thoughts

F*cking amazing season from top to bottom. This has been one of my favorite anime of all time after this. Season 3 better come out soon so I don’t have to binge the manga. I just love this series. That is all that I can say to it.

Final Thoughts

Well thanks for reading all of these posts until now. Thanks for A-1 for giving us this amazing anime. Thanks to Asa Akasaka for taking such a unique concept to being actually making it fun. Thanks to everyone reading these posts and until season 3 be great my A&M people.


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