Best Duo? | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 7 & 8 Thoughts

I was planning on doing 3 episodes for this but, episode 7 and 8 had so much to go over that I had to separate episode 9 for a later date. So from the politics of this world, to one of the best girls in anime history, to all of the suffering. Let us talk about Re: Zero director’s cut episode 7 and 8 (or 12 to 15 for the original). If you haven’t seen the previous reviews I have already watched this anime when it came out weekly. While also forgetting about a couple things. So this is a nice refresher.

Episode 7 (Episode 12 & 13 of original anime)

I never appreciated the politics in this anime on the first watch. But, I have to say that this selection is one that I am really interested in now. As seeing who will be queen is really interesting. As all of these characters were very prominent in the second half so I have a lot to talk about them and their factions. Also Subaru getting beat up was personally enjoying me this time.

Wilhelm van Astrea

Well this man is GOATed what can I say. Seeing him again before the Whale makes me appreciate his character even more now. How he saw Subaru’s eyes and had an idea of what he experienced. How he stopped training Subaru after he planned on dying again and not being stronger. His character is so amazing that I can’t help but praise him.

Royal Candidates

I am gonna make a post about my top contenders for the Royal candidates. But, seeing the candidates again. I deeply feel more intriguing for the characters this time. There is only one that I dislike, Anastasia. While we have ones that should be hated but I mess with Priscilla. Then there are ones that I never thought that I would like so much on the second watch being Crush. She is so underrated to me.


She might be a little crazy and evil to a degree. Also she is very entitled. Stating multiple times that the world is built for her benefit. Also I have to say that she really loves being an evil person. Maybe due to her upbringing and having the world revolve around her. But seeing her in this episode really enjoyed her character.

Felt & Reinhard

I love their dynamic with one another. Also she is my vote to be queen of this land. As she is one that doesn’t want it but, she will do anything to make sure that her family is safe. Then when she says that she will destroy this land I loved that from her.


I love her. That is all.

But, being more serious she is so underrated to me as her character was not prominent. But, she was really interesting to me. Along with being my favorite candidate in this anime of all the girls. I love her and her character so much and she is just so underrated.

I Hate Subaru

I still hate this man even more this episode. After seeing the most cringe worthy scenes with him. To then get his a*s beat to a pulp this episode (that was well deserved). As Julius protected that man from getting killed for disrespecting the knights. But, didn’t think about or appreciate it to a degree. While also just being embarrassing for Emila.

Episode 8 (Episode 14 & 15 of original anime)

Specifically episode 15 is to me still one of the greatest single episodes that we got in the anime period. From the Subaru mental breakdown, the pure insanity of Betegess, and the plot twist in the end. I was really speechless this whole episode as time and time again I was just lost in the world of Re: Zero. Also opening 2 over 1.


Now seeing how broken this man was after trying to help and everyone died. Then, after seeing what this man went through in this episode. Only Subaru can keep his sanity during these events. Like he went insane and tried to be a vegetable but that failed. He tried to to do something and failed. He had to see all of his friend die over and over again.


What more can we say for this goddess man. Like everyone already knows how great she is. Seeing the lengths of what she can do for this man. I love her man. There’s a reason that she is a goat in anime.

Final Thoughts

These were amazing episodes while also episode 15 still stands up there as one of my favorite episodes of anime history. From the emotion to the voice actor of Betelgeuse, to the overall introduction to all of the characters for the future arc. I am hyped for this 4th arc.

I just want her happiness.

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