Riboku and Kaine | Kingdom Manga Chapter 646 Review

THis chapter was one of the most depressing chapters of Kingdom. Just seeing how the kingdom is coming to an end. You just have to feel bad for Riboku man. Like seeing how the king broke down and gave up. How all of the land of Zhou was collapsing before him. Seeing the way that the Kingdom fell I was just at a lost man. The way that Hara wrote this chapter was so depressing.

Zhou Civil War

Seeing how people of the same land were killing one another. Wanting to kill the only hope left for this country. To see them want Riboku’s head and take Kaine as their woman. I felt disgusted by the country. As this land has good people. But, for them to turn on their king so quickly it is a shame to me.

Prince Ka Gives Up

Seeing how the rightful air to the throne was called a revolt and a traitor. This man was one of the most interesting men in the game. Like just imagine that you hand the key to save your home and let it be born anew. To then have ripped from you. Have your allies killed in front of you. I can not blame the king for breaking down like that.

Riboku’s Despair

Seeing that final panel with Riboku having nothing left. Having the whole world against him and Kaine comforting him. I just felt sad that whole moment. As to me this was the fall of a truly great general. A man that with the right king could have ruled all of China. But, due to the pedo king he failed. Leaving him with nothing, as a man that plans so much it is heartbreaking to see such a person fall. Despite what he has done, no man should fall like that.

Final Thoughts

This was a 10/10 chapter. All I can say is thank you Sense Scans and Turnip Farmers for giving us such an amazing chapter. I love the emotion that was put into this and what will happen next for this I don’t even know. But, I am hyped for the next chapter.

This is a truly sad end.

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