Crush Is My Queen | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 9 & 10 Thoughts

These episodes were really enjoyable on the rewatch. As I really grew an appreciation for a character in this anime that I thought nothing of on the first watch. But, man these episodes get addicting as hell once you get near to them.

Episode 9 (Episode 16 & 17 of Original Anime)

This episode was one that introduced the royal candidates and the political side of them. As it showed what they have to gain from helping the half elf princess. Along with the motivations of all of them. Also it showed the constant struggle for Subaru no matter what he does.

Crush Is My Queen

I just have to say that the negotiation between Crush and Subaru is one that I really enjoyed. As seeing how composed Crush was in this shows her stature of being a queen. As she understands the position that she is in. While also being the best candidate as queen to me. She is one that will listen to you and see if you are trustworthy. Then, make a deduction of everything in this.

Al And Priscilla Dynamic

Now I am interested in Priscilla as a character. But, this episode reminded me how evil she is. As she is just a word I am not gonna say. But, I really like Al as he is a nice guy. But, what did she do to homie’s face is something that I really don’t understand.

Anastasia With Big Moves

Now I didn’t really care for Anastasia in the first season at all. But, the finance major in me gotta respect her man. As she is planning on winning that title by getting all the information that she needs while also building all of the money that she can acquire.

White Whale

This whole episode of seeing rem say my whole life was meant for this moment. To the introduction to the white whale. To even see the side of humanity that will do anything to protect their own life. It was something that made me really appreciate this episode to the fullest.

Now one thing that I am a little bit lost about is the memory and the whale. Cause is it the fog or is it the whale that made Rem disappear. As people did remember what the white whale did to their loved ones. As some of them have been chasing this thing for years. So I hope we get more information on that in the new season.


I am really interested in Beatrice’s backstory as it is one that I must know in the future of this anime. But, man she is really interesting to me at this moment. As she does have a nice side to her. But, she hides it behind the tough guy act. I am really interested in her past.

Episode 10 ( Episode 18 & 19 of Original Anime)

Episode 18 is still my second favorite episode in this show. For the voice acting and Subaru being in such a depressing state. To have Rem bring him out of that state. This was a truly a beautiful episode that was solely based on dialogue of the two characters and the amazing voice acting of these two.

Puck and Promises

I do wonder how much does Puck know about Satella and the witches cult. As he is a person that has lived a very long life. So I just wonder.

Rem still Best Girl

I still have to say that seeing this scene again for the 4th time. I love her character man so much. She still is the best girl in this anime to me. As she is perfect wife material and I will not say that Subaru is wrong in this choice. Nor will I say that he was right in this choice. As I need to see more of Emilia in season 2 to make my final decision. But, I have to admit that this is a really special moment man. Regardless of what Subaru said.

I Love Crush

Bruh she is my queen man. She is the person that I want to take the throne. While also her just being a military leader this episode was awesome. Being very mature and respectable for herself. She is my queen and that is all.

Final Thoughts

I love the story of Welhelm and I will discuss more about it next time. But, I just have to say that this was a hell of two episodes. I love this show more one this rewatch and appreciate it more watching it again for the second time and taking notes. It really makes this series much greater to me. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

I Love Emilia

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    1. I say that it is totally worth the re watch. Cause I have so much respect for characters that I didn’t think of before. Just a warning season 2 is Wednesday (July 8th).

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