I Love Re:Zero | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 11, 12, & 13 Thoughts

I know that I said this last review. But, man Crush is my f*cking queen man. I love this woman. I finally don’t hate Subaru to the degree I did last time(But I still hate him). I really grew fond of this soundtrack and the characters are amazing top to bottom. Like I want season 2 now after watching these episodes so let’s talk about them.

Episode 11 (Episode 20 & 21 of Original Anime)

The very first thing I have to talk about is the sound composition of this episode. I forgot how epic this was from beginning to end. I was just fully entertained by the music alone. The fight was the definition of hype. Wilhelm is a boss and murderized that whale. Crush was amazing in this whole war.

Wilhelm Backstory

I still love Wilhelm’s backstory. But, I feel like there was a lot left out. If it was on purpose or not. We will find out in the future. As we never got to see his wife die by the Whale. Nor did we see the reaction from Wilhelm after she died. So there might be another person that killed the wife of Wilhelm and blamed it on the Whale. Or there is a lot more to the story that we have yet to see between them.

Whale Fight

It was the definition of epic. From the OST to the action. This was truly an amazing anime fight. Also a good use of CGI for the anime. Also I forgot about the three whales’ multiplication. But, man the whale is actually really smart for itself. As it was able to use strategy and confuse everyone as it was healing. But, I will admit for a moment I did like Subaru’s character when he was on top of the whale and jumped. That was hype.

Crush Is Now My Favorite Character

Due Crush is my favorite character now. When I heard her speech she reminded me so much of Yotanwa from Kingdom. The way that she motivated her people and defended them. She is truly a leader and a person that I want to see rule this Kingdom. Like man she is amazing. From beginning to the end, her composure in this battle, to her strategy. She has been nothing but perfect.

Also she is selfless, beautiful, and a humble leader. Man, give this woman the title already man. I lowkey wish she found Subaru and not Emilia. Man, the possibilities that could have happen. I am gonna miss her character and can’t wait for more of her in the new season.

Rem & Subaru

I understand their relationship a lot more now. As I really thought that this man friendzoned her. But,it is more like a harem. But, in a weirder state. As the main girl is not in the harem yet the second girl already is. But, the moment between them was cute and beautiful and seeing their relationship here. So Nagatsuki (author) I need some cannon kids out of Rem and Subaru. I will not be satisfied with that alternate light novel. So, I am now for the harem end, so Rem (and Beatrice) can also be happy.

Anastasia Power Moves

Lowkey Anastasia has the best network in the kingdom. She just keeps doing power moves on power moves. As already having men prepare for the king is on another level. Also Subaru’s character that I started to like a little. All that hope went down the drain after my guy Julius came. But, I will save Subaru banter for another time.

Episode 12 (Episode 22 & 23 of Original Anime)

Time to face the multiple B that switch bodies constantly. As time and time again he will not fall. This was a good growth episode for Subaru and a very well written episode for reintroduing Julius into the story. Also give some more of Weilhelm and Felix. Also Emila Time!


Okay Subaru is slowly being a better character. I still hate that the notion of Julius being a rival is stupid and childish. But, baby steps. So I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows in the future.

Ram and a Blank Note

Now Ram got a blank note. Which from my intuition means that a letter was switched by a person that wanted war. That being the witched cult or another princess (Priscilla). Or it was erased by the White Whale. Being written by a person on that battlefield. So I hope we get more info on that.


Man I love Julius or Juli the spirit knight. He was epic in this episode man. From his powers to his fighting style. I just liked his character.

Emilia Time!

I am just happy that Emilia got time to shine this episode. As she was just amazing. She had the epic music in her background and her just fighting. Also Emilia is really cute in the way she protects a land that hates her. I can’t wait to get more of her in the new season. As I believe if she gets more time. She will get less hate for her.


I just have to say that this trap here. Is one of the best characters in the show. He is a bro and a person that had some clutch moments. From beginning to end this man was really well written for a side character. That got very little time to shine. While also just being a trap. Which most in series don’t become really grounded characters.

Subaru & Betelgeuse

This moment every time hits hard. Like I love the writing and execution for this. As Subaru finally has light. The darkness once again takes him and pulls him in the darkness. Giving the theme of Despair in this series.

Episode 13 (Episode 24 & 25 of Original Anime)

To me this episode had the least to talk about of all of them to me. But, this episode had some amazing moments. For example, Julius calling Subaru a friend. Then the confession scene that I have a way different view on now. Also I hate Betegueses.

Confession Scene

I like this confession scene way more than the first time watching this. As I hated Emilia on the first watch, but on the second watch. I love this scene so much more. Making the relationship between Emilia and Subaura one that is greater than it was before. From the beginning to the end this scene was one that I enjoyed a lot.

New Scene

Who is Rem? I will not comment on that. But, I do appreciate this man admitting that he likes both Rem and Emilia. Also the scene with Petra makes it feel she will be more prominent in the second season. Well we will find out next season.

Final Thoughts

I loved this anime from beginning to end and this rewatch hit differently. Compared to the last time I watched it. I understand more of Subaru’s decision for Emilia. I still hate his character for his nature. But, I believe that he improved at the end of the season. So I hope for more to that in the future. Also this rewatch I really appreciate my new QUEEN Crush Sama. Along with the other princess and many more characters that I liked. So thanks to everyone following along and reading this post. Got one more OVA and its the prequel. So I can’t wait to watch that. Until next time be great my A&M people.


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