The Prologue | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Hyouketsu no Kizuna OVA

This is the story of how the contract between Emilia and Puck became. I just have to say one thing and that Emilia is a very beautifully written character. I can’t wait to see more of her time to shine in the second season. Puck is also a character that I grew an even more appreciation for in this. So let’s talk about the beginning of Puck and Emilia. Or is it?


The way that they portrayed the loneliness in the OVA was beautiful. Having no music playing and having Emilia just go through her everyday life. It was something special man. Like you felt the way of life Emilia felt for years maybe decades cause we never got an age for her. So maybe elfs live longer than humans. Who knows.


Now from the beginning to the end. It shows the lengths that Puck will go to protect Emilia’s smile. As he is a person that truly cares for Emilia knowing how the world treats her. Having the notion that a child is never born without sin. I love that from their relationship man. As the spirits, the villagers, humans, and other creatures alike. All fear Emilia, but Puck would stay by her side no matter what.

The Forming of the Contract

Seeing how they formed their contract. Having Puck break an oath that he made some time ago. Is something that I hope to find out in the future. As he is one of the 4 great spirits or hindrances in the world. So when he made that contract with her. I wonder if that will cause a great change in the world someday. Also the fight was beautiful from beginning to end it was beautiful.

Emilia & Puck

I love the father daughter relationship between them. Also Puck has really become an amazing character in the eyes. As he is not a person that cares much for the lives of people. But, he deeply cares for Emilia. Also the birth of her nickname “Lia” was something I liked also.

The Stuff We Don’t Know

Now was it Puck or Emilia who froze the elves in the forest. I am leaning more towards Emilia for that. But, Puck seemed to be looking for her for a long time. So this OVA gave me a lot more questions that have caught my intringe. Also who are Emilia’s parents? Who are the people in the village and how old is Emilia? There is a lot to find out in the future.

No Such Thing as Ice That Doesn’t Melt

I like that line and Puck’s approval of it. As Subaru knows how to say the right things at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Now I am ready for Arc 4 starting Wednesday July 8th. I kinda know how episode 1 is gonna go based on the spoilers that I read a long time ago. All I will say is get ready for Re:Zero to be trending on twitter. But, thanks to everyone for reading along with this rewatch/watch of Re:Zero. This was really fun and made me appreciate this story a lot more. So Until Wednesday, take it easy and be great my A&M people.

I Need Emilia’s Happiness

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