Who Will be the Queen? | Re:Zero Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Theory

Before the start of season 2. I rewatched this series. Gaining a much better appreciation for the political side of this story. As I am so hyped to get more information on this royal selection and who will be queen. It will be very interesting who will win it. I am personally giving all of them a shot for the crown. So here I am making a case for all of them. While also making my prediction for the one that I feel deserves it the most and the one that will win.


Now she is to me the smartest of all the candidates. As her network is one that runs deep. If it is information she needs to win she will obtain it. With Julius as her knight who is very high in her own regard. She has her own private military and when it comes to money it over. She is a good candidate for the economy, but what she does with it is very interesting.


I am really interested in her character. As she is someone that is very spoiled. But, she is very powerful in her own right. My case for is the lone statement that the world works in her favor. As I feel that is not just a claim. But, it is something that might be an ability. She is sadistic as hell, while also having Al on her side. Who I heard was a lot more prominent in the light novels. So she is very interesting. Also we didn’t get a lot about her in the first season. So she might get more shine in the new season.


She to me is the most powerful of the candidates. After seeing the Frozen Bond OVA, I appreciate her a lot more as a character. But, I have to admit her being a half elf is a huge hindrance for being queen. But, thanks to having Subaru on her side. As he was given the title of hero of the White Whale. Also my case for her being queen is that she cares for the people. That is something that I can only say to one other candidate. Also having Roswaal who is highly respected is something that will push her far.


Now the one I believe deserves it. The girl who led the defeat of the White Whale. The woman that has Weihelm who is not even her head knight. Who has the title of the man that slayed the White Whale. She is selfless, motivational, and she can keep a cool head in even the most extreme situations. I love her and her backer Felix is someone that is considered the top healer in the country. So she has the elite party, the political power, and is a badass female. She is my queen. But, she might not win due to the person I have next.


The one that I am placing my bets on is the one that has nothing to lose. That being the 5th candidate Felt. As she is someone that is just amazing. Also having the top and most respected and greatest knight in the Kingdom backing you is a plus. As I feel like the duo that will destroy this kingdom and rebuild it anew will be them. So all hail Queen Felt.

Final Thoughts

Well thanks for reading this theory or gamble. So until season 2 which is tomorrow be great my A&M people.

Who Will Be Queen

4 thoughts on “Who Will be the Queen? | Re:Zero Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Theory

    1. That is a very interesting theory. Cause if the statement of Priscilla is true that the world moves how she wants it and that is her want. That can be possible. But, I just wonder how would Felt be used in the story.


  1. I think Felt since she’s obviously related to the previous royal family so it makes most sense for it to go to her. I also like her more than the others and Emilia is a half elf and is probably connected to the woe somehow so most people wouldn’t want her to become queen.

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