Arc 4 Begins | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 1 Review

I love how this episode puts you in the light. Having happy music playing in the background. Starting off how we left off in the realm of hope. Then, Emila says who is Rem, the way that the directors cut ends. Giving us a flashback to the previous events that happen. Thus bring us and Subaru away from that light and backing into the dark and depressing world of Re:Zero. Time to talk about this episode and the start of arc 4. So now I can finally talk about everything that I know.


First I will start with I knew about the Rem moment to a degree. As I read some spoilers after the finale in 2016. So I was not shocked by that as much. But, I thought that she had died so I am actually a little bit more relieved than anything. As I was really not prepared to lose this girl.

But, seeing this moment and seeing how in her final moments before she became a vegetable or a shell of herself. But, this is the thing that I wonder is how Ram is gonna take this. This being a twin sister that she has no memories of. So I am very interested in how her character goes.

The ArchBishop of Greed and Gluttony

This is just to show that these ArchBishops are not to be messed with. As these two are on a whole other level than. As Gluttony has the power to take a personed memory and the memory of everyone that knows you. Then you have Greed who without lifting a finger destroyed so many people. Also is a dirty player as Rem and Gluttony where having an even battle until he did something.


Now imagine this you do everything right. Manage to save the villagers, Emillia, and everyone. Then to have one of the 2 most important people in the world to you taken once again. Thinking in your head I might as well restart again. Having to think of a whole new plan. But, you can’t as you now have a new restart point. Meaning you can’t save her.

This is the one person after rewinding over and over again. You cannot do anything about it. I just have to say that Subaru and the way that his mind work. I can not feel anything but sadness for his character. As this has to be putting a mental toll on him to an extreme.


Now I didn’t know about Crush in spoilers and trust me when I saw her arm fly. I was screaming at my monitor. I really thought that she was gone man. But, she ended up losing her memories to Gluttony.

I will say that I feel very sorry for Felis. As this man almost lost his family and was not their to protect her. But, I have to say that even without memories she still is a queen. But, I am just happy she is alive. But, now this will affect the royal selection a lot as one of the candidates have lost a lot of power.


Emilia is a Subaru moment that interests me. I have no comments on it yet. As I want to wait for a new episode. But, it does interest me.

Final Thoughts

Amazing first episode. Like the build up in this. I am happy that we finally are in Arc 4. Also I am probably gonna watch this a multitude of times after this post and dissect it more. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

How do we lose not one but two best girls in one episode?

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