He’s Back!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 647 Review

Time to talk about this Kingdom greatness. As we get more info from Riboku’s camp and their plans for the future. Also we learn the only reason Zhou is surviving right now is because they stole Riboku’s tactics. Which I am not gonna talk about until I learn more of this chancellor of Zhou. Also we get a shocking return this chapter. So let’s talk about chapter 647 of Kingdom called “Activity in Kanan”.

Kaine Being Kaine

First off I love Kaine man. She is being so dramatic and awkward in one of the most important times. Also seeing her blush and go back and forth about what she and Riboku did. Also putting a horrible image in my mind. But, I like to see how much she cares. Also I believe that she helped get Riboku out of his depressing state. So props to her.

Riboku’s Camp

Now I have to admit that Shun Suiji is speaking facts right now. As he wants to put Riboku on the throne instead of Ka. But, Riboku instantly rejected that, still having hope that Ka will be the king one day. But, I wonder how much he has thought of it. As with the amount of power he holds. He can do that. But, that might be saved for another day. As Riboku plans to lie low and meet with Shibashou. So this might be a very interesting arc.

RyouFui is Back

This is a very interesting turn of events. But, from a Crusader Kings Player. Always be aware of revolts and put them in jail. So that the revolution won’t happen again. But, man is this gonna be insanity. As Sei plans to talk with him. I really don’t know what will happen next. But, man this is gonna be a very interesting conversation.

Final Thoughts

Another amazing chapter seeing the world from Kaine’s prospective. Is really interesting. Also Riboku is a character that I need a backstory on ASAP. Well thank you Sense Scans for giving us this amazing chapter. And until next time. Be great my A&M people.

How will this go?

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