The 7th Girlfriend | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 24 Review

This chapter we get introduced to the 7th girlfriend and she seems interesting to say the least. This will be a shorter review than normal as this was generally an introduction chapter to me. We will get more info in the next chapter. So let’s talk about chapter 24 called “The Hungry Kouhai”.

Girlfriend #7: Kurumi Haraga

Time to talk about girlfriend number 7 being Kurumi Haraga. As she is a food loving middle school third year. Also when I say that she loves food. I mean she loves it to the point of insanity. As she can’t stop thinking about it so she has to shut herself from the word. As she gets really angry. Thus shutting out a lot of people in her life.

I’m Gonna Be Honest

I will say that at the moment she is my least favorite. It might be because we just came off that insane arc of Hahari. With that being such an amazing twist and difficult to come after. This one was meh to me. Also, she reminds me a little comparable to Karane. But, a lot more hungry and younger. Though, this is only one chapter so I can’t put too much judgement on only one chapter. But, when I saw Rentarou say middle schooler. I got scared for a second, not gonna lie. As I really thought this man was going from Milf to jail time real quick.

Final Thoughts

Like the chapter. Thanks Jaimini’s Box for giving us this series. Thanks to everyone reading this. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

They really wanted that Rentarou food.

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