BEAKO WHAT DO YOU KNOW? | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 2 Review

There is so much to dissect this episode that I am just gonna go ahead and say that this is gonna be a long one. So sit tight and let’s talk about this amazing episode 2 of Re:Zero 2nd Season. Which also has a new amazing opening that is just flames.

The Villagers, Ram, and Roswaal not to be found

So the episode starts off with Emilia’s camp finally leaving Crush’s camp. As they plan to repopulate their village. But, some of the villagers are not in the area. Particularly all of the villagers that went to the Sanctuary that neither Emilia or Subaru know the location. So they plan on returning to the mansion to find answers.

No Puck

This was so interesting to me as Puck is someone that is always by Emilia’s side. But, now he is nowhere to be found after they returned to the village. Is it a power or mana thing? Maybe he has to go into hibernation for the time being. But, I am really interested in his absence. As Emilia is even confused about his leaving. He is still connected due to the contract. But, he is just not coming out or is not in the area. Maybe another one of the mythical beasts came for Emilia to restore balance. Who knows man.

New Maid Frederica

This is interesting. As Ram is incompitatnt in work. She had to call the help of an old maid. Which is really interesting how. Gluttony’s spell works. So people will not have even the smallest inkling of a person not being there. While just filling positions that the person had previously. But, I am interested in her character. As her introduction makes her another person of power similar to Rem and Ram. So I hope to see her more in the future.


What does Beatrice know. As she is one of the oldest people in the story now. The dialogue exchanged between her and Subaru was so intriguing. As Subaru mentioned that he killed Petelgeuse and Beatrice was sad at that moment. Even giving him a nickname of “Geuse”. I paused for a while.

Was this man a good person at one time? Or is Beatrice a former or current member of the witches cult. She will alway be one of my favorite characters and her relationship with Subaru is probably my favorite dynamic in the series. Also Roswaal and Ram seem really suspect this whole season so far. I will talk about them another time. But, I have them in the back of my mind. I feel like it is a red herring or I am right and something even more crazy is to come.

But, we get no answers from her. Kicking Subaru out with a sad expression. I am so interested in her backstory man. I need more of that. Like we need that Beatrice backstory. Give us a movie now.


It was an interesting addition to add Petra in the household. Who in the previous season did not have a lot of screen time if any. But, I have to admit that she is an interesting character to me. But, I have a feeling that she might be an important plot point to the future. So I am interested in that.

Also the scene of her giving the handkerchief and Frederica saying its meaning. Which also can be an indication of love. With Subaru accepting it. That is the reason that I believe that she was shy towards him afterwards.

The Lost Forest

The lost forest is a land that really interests me. As that land that people will lose their way in. Giving that stone was supposed to guide them to the place. I want to know more about this land in the future as I am interested why this was not brought up earlier.

Subaru and Emilia

I will say that I like this dynamic of Subaru and Emilia. As she and him have this connection now that is very strong. As they really know how each other feel. Knowing when one another is stressed, hiding their true face, and they just know everything about one another. So I am very interested in their dynamic. I still need more time to dissect it more.

But, I don’t hate their relationship blossoming and them being like this. I also want Emilia’s happiness. (side note what is her selfish wish for queen?). I just dislike the way that Subaru rejected Rem. So that is just me. I like them. I just need more time.

Subaru took Emilia’s Place

Now this is really interesting to me. As this was supposed to be a trial for Emila. The way that Frederica phrased it. So now Subaru is in her place and in the spotlight. So I wonder what we will learn through this interaction of Subaru and Echidna. Is she good or bad. What are her thoughts on Emilia and Satella? Are they the same person? Sisters? Family? So much can be found out and Emilia was supposed to meet her and not Subaru. So he might die next episode.

Witch of Greed : Echidna

She is someone that I am really interested in as she looks like maybe a sister of Emilia. Or is she something more. That was something that I was so interested in as she is someone that was very prominent in the opening. While also being on the cover of the opening. So this is gonna be very interesting on the role that her character plays this episode. I will admit that I love her design also. It might be my favorite in the series.

Final Thoughts

I just have to say that I have high expectations of this season. I know that this season so much hype was for it. So I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have talked enough about this review so until next time, be great my A&M people.


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