Imma Just Talk Underrated Waifus | The Bee Love Tag

I haven’t done tags in so long and I need some motivation to write more. So I want to shout to Yomu for giving this post to me. Also there’s no rules as Yomu wrote about an actual encounter with a wasp nest. While the previous person (Average Joe Reviews) wrote about To Love Ru. So I am just gonna talk about some underrated anime waifus that don’t get much attention in some shows. Due to the main girl or overwhelming amazing girls.

Tsukihi – Monogatari Franchise

Now I will say this everytime. Monogatari has the greatest collection of characters in a narrative. I will stand by that till I die. One example is Tsukihi, the youngest sister of Araragi. Also a person that has a very unique power that is something that makes you question her very being. But, something about her character that I enjoyed was in Zoku Owarimonogatari. The reserved world arc you may say. When everyone had insane changes to them. Tsukihi is someone that you would also expect a huge change due to her power. Was the same yet flipped. Proving to me that no matter what she is who she is.

Crush – Re:Zero

I gushed about this goddess enough in my Re: Zero Rewatch. But, man she is so underrated in my opinion man. She is a true ruler, a queen that fights, and leads her people. She is the ideal ruler and she is just cute when she wants to be. If there was not an obvious choice she would be the best girl man.

Origami Tobiichi – Date A Live

We all know who carries the whole show. So even the second best girl is underrated. That being Origami of Date A Live. The very few times that it got serious in the story. (Only when the queen is around I might add). She has one of the most messed up backstories that I have seen. Even if it was executed poorly. (Note I am a Kurimi fan and hate the whole franchise after season one minus Kurumi arcs) . But, she is my second favorite girl in the series so yeah.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Yomu for tagging me. Thanks to everyone reading cause you are now tagged if you didn’t do this tag with no rules. So until next time be great my A&M people.

Even thought this is a Bee Tag Karen is not mention once. Blasphemy.

One thought on “Imma Just Talk Underrated Waifus | The Bee Love Tag

  1. OH wow I never even thought of Karen when I wrote the tag haha. I was thinking about what to write when I noticed a wasp on my paper door, so that’s just what I ended up going with…

    Also good picks. Tsukihi in particular is absolutely underrated in Monogatari, so you’re dead on with that one.

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