Girls Roasting Eroge | Grand Blue Chapter 62 Review

This is by far my favorite chapter this year. From beginning to end I was thoroughly entertained. As this chapter was Cakey trying to sabotage Iori and Chisa’s trip. To then binge on some Eroges with Kohei and her friends. Whole gets great character development for me. Then she decides to use her own money to go on the trip. That is the chapter in a nutshell. But, there is so much more to this so let’s talk about chapter 62 called “War Council”. 

Kohei and Cakey

Well we start the chapter with Cakey and Kohei discussing the trip that we found out about last chapter. As Iori and Chisa plan to go alone to the diving island. Cakey is still trying to keep a secret that she likes Iori. (Despite Kohei already knowing). She asks for advice for it. Kohei tells her the same thing. Which really makes me appreciate his character. But, sadly Cakey is being a Cakey and refuses to let him know. 


Which is something I need to address. As I really just notice this now. As this is a similar situation between Asuza and Tokkia. But, unlike Asuza she doesn’t try to sabotage the man’s life to keep him single. So that kinda makes me dislike her character to a degree. Like I understand she doesn’t want to be in that point where they are just awkward and can’t be friends anymore. But, coming from a person that has been in this same situation just do it or let it go. All you are doing is procrastinating the enabled at this point. You have had plenty of help so just do it. 

Misunderstanding Galore

Speaking of doing it. The other reason that Cakey and Kohei met was because Cakey bought a 18 plus game for Kohei. Which before even giving the game to him. One of the close friends of Cakey, Kanako accidentally got a couple of misunderstandings and stumbled in the house.

Then must a new collection of misunderstandings which included playing porn games audio at max. Then her other friends, listening at the door. We end up having all the close friends of Cakey in her house with Kohei and boy did they shine in this chapter. 

Girls Roasting Eroge

I just have to say that having Kohei in a room full of girls. Reviewing Eroge. Then this man shouted nothing but broken english for the rest of the chapter. That was just wild. But, the girls were amazing in their roast of the game. This really made me like all of their characters more and had a fun laugh.


I only needed one panel. But, you guys gave me a whole page. But, I wonder if she will confront Iori about this. As I believe she is still in the belief that the two are dating. So I wonder what she will do. You can tell that she is annoyed at the fact of finding out that Iori is going alone with Chisa to a whole island. So much she even gave him more shifts. But, I need that chapter man. I don’t think she realized her feelings for him yet. We all know she likes him. As she is confusing it with frenemies. 

Potato Chip 

As this whole chapter was based on Cakey stobtagoing. She decided to go on the trip without Iori knowing and bump into him by coincidence. She tells her friend that. She thinks of taking Kohei with her immediately. Making her take that potato chip and eat it. Saying that she is going on a trip with a guy also. Yet she doesn’t realize it. Giving me something that I want to theorize about. 


I have an inkling that Kohei likes Cakey and she is completely oblivious to it. But, after hearing her feelings about Iori. Kohei decided that now was not the best time and is just patiently waiting  for their relationship to develop to really be serious with her. As every time that they talk about it he keeps it real with her. Maybe after the confession if it is a rejection we might get another.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing chapter that I love the cast that never gets to be used. I can’t wait til the next chapter as this trip is gonna be insane. We might have a huge plot twist even with surprise participants (Busujima). Until next time, be great my A&M people. 

What will happen of this trip

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