The Trickster and The King Meet Again | Kingdom Manga Chapter 648 Review

We get a little bit of a somber chapter this time. As we have Ryofui meet with Ei Sei again after their civil war three years ago. This is a great chapter as it point’s out King Ei Sei’s weakness. Along with the first and last piece of advice from Ryoufui. So let’s talk about this amazing meeting and chapter.

King Ei Sei

Gotta appreciate when everyone says no to Ei Sei. He automatically just does the opposite. As he really is a man that once he sets his mind to something. Nothing will stop him. As they finally meet they have a great exchange of dialogue between one another. Talking about the future of the world and how it would be after China is one maintaining peace.

Ryofui’s Final Words

The final words of advice that Ryofui gives to Ei Sei is a warning of his kindness. As he does see him as a great king but, his kindness is where he disagrees. As that can be his strength and his greatest weakness. Then giving him a hug. Something a father would give before saying by to his son perhaps. Who knows.

Tricking Us Till The End

I fucking hate this man for making me shed a tear for his death man. Then one page later talks about his fake dead body and traveling the world. Going back to the life of a merchant. This man wants to see the world that Ei Sei makes and he decided to see it by his own means.

Final Thoughts

Great chapter having Ryofui and Ei Sei have this closure. We will probably never get that conformation if they are father or son. But, Ryofui to the end had us fooled. To me his charisma is amazing and it was fun to see him again and most likely for the last time. So thanks to everyone for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

Damn, No Kingdom Till August

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