TOURNAMENT ARC!!! | 100 Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You) Chapter 25 Review

I will admit that this is starting to enter ridiculous territory for these girls. Also I thought for a moment that we would get a new girl. But, this chapter was fun and entertaining. Also Kurumi is a girl I am starting to like a bit more. So let’s get into this chapter.

Kurumi Introduction

I will admit that these girl introductions are getting out of hand at this moment. Especially after having an arc where everyone got to bond. Kurumi kinda feels out of place. So I can understand the reasoning of Rentauro making this tournament arc. So that she can get used to everyone. Also this chapter was fun. Making me a little bit hungry but I like her a little bit more.


I can never truly show the appreciation to the level of Rentauro. But, I have to say that this moment of her makes me really love her character more. As she is the one that I don’t talk about that much. I really do love her character and what she is about. I hope she gets a character centered arc for her soon. (Watch her parents be robots).

Food Tournament

Just the Rules

First off I love the announcer. As she is just trolling and destroying the 4th wall all chapter. I hope she is a girlfriend as her and Rentauro have not made eye contact yet. Also Rentauro achieving a state of nirvana from his girlfriends handing him food looks like a straight up final move. Then having them make it in the final three. To face off that thing at the end of the chapter. That was a different man.

Final Thoughts

Solid chapter to build Kurumi’s character, I love the comedy this chapter. Also this series can be very wholesome at times. So I am appreciative at that. Thanks Jaimini’s Box for giving this greatness week in and out. Thanks to everyone reading these reviews and until next time be great my A&M people.

Gotta Love 4th Wall Breaks.

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