My Girl Gets Her Own Anime! | Date A Bullet Trailers Thoughts

I am just happy that the girl that has put the whole franchise on her back for 3 seasons and a movie. FINALLY gets her time to shine. When I first saw this trailer I just had the biggest smile on my face. But, sadly since I can’t speak Japanese here is my guess for the story or trailer.

That guess being that this is the origin story of Kurumi. Long before she landed on earth. So maybe we get to see the spirit world. But, most importantly we don’t have to deal with date a live cast by the looks of it. So less suffering that series every season. As I just look forward to the Kurumi parts. That is the sole reason that I am still to this day following the show. So that she can finally be happy.

Seeing how she is finally getting her own movie means that season 4 must be the time to finally capture Kurumi. Then, I can drop this series and live at peace again. Date A Live is a franchise that is trash in my opinion. The only reason you should pick it up is if you have an emotional attachment to Kurumi like me.

Final Thoughts

Glad that the movies are coming out. I will be watching them as soon as they are available. Thanks for reading this and Until next time, be great my A&M people.

When the character is so good. They throw away the whole franchise.

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