Echidna Is So Amazing | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 3 Review

I don’t know if this is because of my love for Re: Zero or not. But man, this post is gonna be a long one. After finishing it. I realized how long it was and I was shocked myself. Besides that lets talk about episode 3 of Re:Zero so let us get into it.

This Dialogue

I was just lost in the dialogue of these two. The back and forth, with Subaru’s personality that actually surprised her. As he is a person that isn’t afraid of death due to his power with the addition of his character. Then seeing who she reacts to stuff. Going back and forth from cute to killer to calm. She is a different type of person.

The dynamic of these two was amazing and I loved it. I love the whole conversation, I loved the history that we got. Also I will say this multiple times. But, Echidna is so f*cking amazing to me. If I were to dissect each moment in this conversation. I would be lost forever in this post. But, I will talk about two points that interest me alot in their conversation.

The 7 Witches

Now all of the witches and their introduction are amazing. They all have to be way overpowered based on their feats alone. Like the witch of Gluttony, Daphne who is possibly the creator of Ma Beast. To save the world of starvation. Then you have the Lust witch Carmilla, granted emotions to non human beings to fill the world of love. So would people like Rem ever feel emotion for Subaru if she didn’t do that. The witch of Wrath Minerva interests me also.

Witch of Sloth Sekhmet, Who casually drove a dragon past a waterfall to sleep. The Pride witch, Typhon, a youthful innocent and cruel to judge criminals. So someone that is the law itself. If you even challenge her your most likely dead I am guessing. Then, you have this amazing character Echidna who went through all measures to gain her greed or thirst as she said for knowledge of the world. Then we have Satella.

The witch of envy who killed all of the witches to make the world her enemy. So this means that not even the witches like Satella. As she didn’t even say her name. The conversation at that point was such in a dark place to then have Echidna go like “oh darn, did I scare you”. I love her character after that alone. Also these witches are not one to be messed with. I am so interested in all of these characters and I hope we get to meet them. As it seems like their body is dead. But, their souls are still alive.

Why Did Subaru Leave

Sorry But, I love people that have vast knowledge of the world. Seeing how they act with such a vastness of knowledge. If I was in Subaru’s place. I would be there for hours, maybe days in that place. Just having a conversation. But, Subaru wants out immediately. Not even asking for a cure for Rem or even about his power. I can understand that you are worried. But, dude that is so stupid of you that Echidna sees the stupitidy in that.


I feel for Subaru right now. How do you even begin to talk to a person that not only lost their sister. But, I can’t even remember her. Like I can imagine the guilt that is going on in his head. Let alone the anxiety that is going on. When they meet again what will Ram say about it? What will this interaction be like? Ram is such an interesting character to me that I just want to see her shine more this season.

The Sanctuary

Well the sanctuary does not live up to its name. As it is the grave of Echidna the Witch of Greed. Also it is a land for demi humans. People with impure blood. Forever trapped in here. So now those people want out and have held the villagers captive. As they want their freedom from this land. So in order to break this barrier Emilia (or so we thought) must break this barrier. For the villagers and the people of the sanctuary.


Well Roswaal got messed up. As he tried to pass this trial, but got messed up badly at the end of it. One thing that really interested me is how Roswaal got a little bit irritated when Echidna was called a witch of greed instead of her name. Also that his family has been watching over her grave for generations. So does Roswaal side with the witches or does he side solely with Echidna. If so, is Echidna purley evil or has good sides to her. What he says about her makes me really wonder about the witches.

Emilia and The Village

I love this meeting from the village and emilia. She is a person that knows so much about being lonely. I remember from the progle movie there was just a whole 5 minutes of Emilia and her being alone. Seeing how she knows that feeling of loneliness without family or anyone really for however long she was in that forest. I love that she doesn’t want anyone to experience what she went through. Then the whole village finally accepted her and that made me really happy.

Emilia Loses Her Time to Shine Again

Now this might be a little bit of me wanting Emilia to get her shine. But, bro I after seeing the prologue I was lowkey ready for another Emilia perspective of things. Cause seeing the world through her eyes in the prologue was amazing to me. But, Subaru takes it once again. There are two reasons that I believe that Subauru was able to take this. One is the world that he came from. The other being that maybe the witch is inside of him. So the two together can take this.

Subaru’s Past

Something we never get developed in isekai nearly ever. The past life of the person that traveled to that new world. Most of the time we have people who are neats that have no family or that they never cared for them in the first place. But, something I never thought of is that Subaru misses his family at all.

Or is he so preoccupied with the new world that he was in. That he never really got to think about what of this world. But, one thing I know for sure is that man is 1000% Subaru’s dad, and I see where A LOT of his personality came from. Also, his room is filled with manga and figures of silver hair waifus. So that is why he fell for Emilia at first sight. Maybe why Satella also might love him.

Final Thoughts

I have never been so interested in a show so much. Like this is the most that I have dissected a show ever really. Love this episode if the writing didn’t prove it enough. Can’t wait to meet Subaru’s family and see were this goes. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Echidna is so amazing.

2 thoughts on “Echidna Is So Amazing | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 3 Review

  1. “I was just lost in the dialogue of these two.”

    Wasn’t their conversation just amazing? In a show packed with interesting characters, Echidna made an instant, strong impression.

    Love the first screen cap in your post!

    There’s a tragedy about her character that captured my imagination.

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    1. She is such an amazing character. I hope that her and Subaru speak again soon. Also thanks as soon as I saw it. I was like that it the featured image.

      “There’s a tragedy about her character that captured my imagination.”

      Yeah I feel as if all the witches have a crazy and dark backstory with Satella that I am not ready for.

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